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YouTube Video Editing Tips: YouTube Life Hacks Lesson #4

As you step up your YouTube game and establish your channel, editing becomes an increasingly important piece of your brand. How you cut your videos, layer in effects and render define your YouTube video editing style.


Matt Schaefer of MSTech knows his technology – he posts about it 3x a week on his channel that boasts over 200K subscribers. In lesson #4 of our ongoing YouTube Life Hacks series, MSTech will walk you through different video editing software including Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, as well as his tips for optimizing your workflow via shortcuts, effects and rendering techniques.


YouTube Video Editing Tips ft. MSTech


Are you a YouTube video editing pro? Tell us about your best tips and tricks in the comments below! Or better yet, apply to be the next featured creator in our YouTube Life Hacks series. Give back to the Grapevine Community and share your YouTube expertise with your peers.





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