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YouTube Sponsorships: 3 Lessons to Learn from Dude Perfect, devinsupertramp, and EvanTubeHD

YouTube sponsorships can be awesome monetary investments in your channel.

BUT, if you think your brand sponsorship is only worth the number written on your paycheck, think again. YouTube sponsorship deals can be much more than financial support when approached the right way.

Here’s 3 lessons on YouTube sponsorships that will help you get the most from your next sponsorship deal.

1. Use YouTube sponsors as a source of creativity

Dude Perfect skyrocketed to fame after filming a series of trick shots in their backyard, and with their success came brands itching to sponsor their next  video. Now, Dude Perfect seamlessly incorporates brands into their signature trick-shot videos. Whether it’s trick-shooting Nerf guns, trick-throwing footballs at speeding Fiats, or trick-shooting ping-pong balls into Pringles cans, Regardless of the brand or product being sponsored, Dude Perfect sticks to what they’re best at – trick-shots.


Lesson from Dude Perfect: Learn to think outside the box. Dude Perfect didn’t eat pringles, shoot each other with Nerf guns, or drive around in a fiat. They came up with other ways to incorporate the brands while staying true to their style of content. Instead of feeling creatively limited with certain brands or products, you can think of clever or unconventional ways to incorporate a brand in your videos, while growing your creative horizon in the process.


2. Leverage YouTube sponsors for more than just money

Devin Grahm’s channel is all about “getting the shot that no else can”. In other words, he travels the world filming all the beautiful things he can find, from mother nature to cliff diving to sand dune surfing. Devin’s videos have attracted so much attention that brands are dying to be associated with him, and he’s willing to oblige so long as they add value to his work. Devin’s sponsors range from equipment brands to travel agencies, which are undeniably relevant to his content and also help make certain videos possible.


Lesson from Devin: Ask for something more than money. You need to get paid, there’s no arguing that. But remember that you’re dealing with companies that have a LOT of resources, and money is just a fraction of what they have to offer. Sponsors can give you more than money. Travel agency? Ask for a custom vacation package. Fashion company? Ask for early access to samples. Use these added benefits in your next video and you’ll be creating content that no one else could possibly make.

3. Use YouTube sponsors for experimentations

Yes, 8 year-old Evan from EvanTubeHD is crushing brand deals left and right. Evan’s channel stars him, and sometimes his sister, reviewing different children’s toys – and brands are begging to get their toys in his hands. Evan’s channel first partnered with Angry Birds Mash ’ems, then he inked deals with other toymakers like Spy Gear and Toys ‘R’ Us. Although his filming style has remained consistent over the years – him sitting behind a counter while playing with toys – he took a different approach working with Toys ‘R’ Us by filming himself frantically shopping around the huge retail store.


The lesson from Evan: try different video styles with sponsors. It’s totally fine if you don’t want to stray from your original style or you want to integrate the brand as organically as possible. But it’s ok to embrace your sponsors and use them as an excuse to try a different types of videos. Evan didn’t hide the fact Toys ‘R’ Us sponsored his videos. Instead he ran throughout their entire store – and his audience loved it.


The next time you consider taking a YouTube sponsorship deal, push yourself to see everything you have to gain from the brand. Ask yourself:

  • How creative can you get with their products?
  • What else can the company offer besides money?
  • Could you experiment with your video type?

What other ways can you use sponsorships to grow your channel?



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