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Youtube Playlists: 5 Tips to Generate Success

When you find a new song, one that you listen non stop for days on end because it’s SO good, what is one of the first things you do with it on your iTunes? You put it in a playlist. So, why not do the same thing for your Youtube videos. Your subscribers love your content, and so do you. You lead your Youtube community and one way to make it unique is to show your viewers what some of your favorite videos are. You can do this through playlists on your Youtube channel.

How can a playlist benefit your Youtube community?

You have a strong Youtube community and you have a strong Youtube channel. Think about the playlists that you have on your iTunes or your Spotify. You probably have one for when you need to get work done or curl up with a book and a cup of tea, one for when you want to get hyped when you are hanging with your friends, and one with all your favorites on it. Your community wants to see that. Let them view your videos the way you think they should be viewed. If you have a series of get ready with me videos, hauls, or how-to, a playlist is the perfect way to highlight those themes. Connect your audience by bringing organization to your channel through playlists.

How a playlist will boost your view count

  1. Viewers watch more than one video at a time- When you incorporate a playlist into your channel, your viewers are much more likely to watch more than just one video. When they watch a video and love your content it is much easier for them to view more on the same topic when you have it already organized it for them. The average watch time on your channel will start to grow right before your eyes.
  2. Have more than one playlist, all working for a different purpose- You can have 3, 4, or 5 playlists on your channel. One could be created to connect a common theme among your videos. Another could work to advertise new uploads, by pairing them with your most viewed videos. You may also want to highlight your most successful videos (the favorites), or you may want your viewers to watch videos in a particular order. Whatever the reason be mindful of why you are connecting those videos.

    Playlists on a Youtube Channel

  3. Better search engines results Appearing in the search result is a great way to gain first time viewers. Getting the attention of a new viewer is one great way a playlist will boost your channel. Playlists will also show up more frequently in the suggested video scroll, to encourage a longer watch time on your channel.

How to make your playlists successful

Tips for creating a playlist

  1. Choose a strong thumbnail, link it with the titles and descriptions of all the videos on the playlist. Using metadata to help it stand out will be very affective.
  2. Create an intro to link videos in a playlist together. You can use in video editing to have the intro only play once if your viewers start to binge watch one playlists.
  3. Display your playlists on your channel.
  4. Encourage comments on the videos. Those comments will link back to the playlist, created a buzz for the videos.
  5. Use annotations, InVideo programming, any call-to-actions to send viewers from one video to the next.

Have fun with your playlists! To learn more visit Grapevine Logic.


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