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YouTube Life Hacks: New Grapevine Video Series for Creators

YouTube is filled with amazing talent – there are over 1 BILLION users on YouTube, almost 1/3 of the people on the internet – a new star is born pretty much every day. At Grapevine, our team watches hundreds of hours of YouTube content weekly. We’re merely a speck in the YouTube universe, yet we’re constantly amazed by the talent, creativity and ingenuity we see on a daily basis.


SereinWu, one of the featured creators for the YouTube Life Hacks Series

We’re honored to work with so many amazing creators and provide a platform that supports YouTubers from across the world. Our goal is to make your YouTube journey as simple and easy as possible – that includes learning what it takes to make your channel grow, shine and prosper, to finding your first brand sponsorship, to turning your passion into your full-time reality.


We’re constantly asked by newbies and pros alike for tips on how they can improve their channels. We started putting together our notes and realized, we aren’t even close to the best people to answer that question, YOU ARE!


So we turned to a variety of creators within Grapevine – all from different backgrounds, with different channel focusses and areas of expertise. They’re the ones who will be giving you pro tips on everything from making money and working with sponsors, to editing, to de-cluttering your desk so you’re set up for success. We’re calling this series YouTube Life Hacks – because we want to set you up for success in the easiest and best ways possible.


Stay tuned, new videos for YouTube Life Hacks will be posted over the next couple of weeks. In fact, our first two videos just went live, featuring Pano T and Madison Miller. For a full list of the topics well be covering – see the list below! We’ll link all of the videos from this page so you have somewhere to reference the entire series.


YouTube Life Hacks Series Lessons:

  1. How to Make Money on YouTube – Featuring Pano T and Madison Miller
  2. Content Planning: Why It’s Important – Featuring Serein Wu
  3. Cable Management for your desk – Featuring TechSource
  4. Video Editing Tips – Featuring MSTech
  5. 10 Do’s and Don’ts for YouTubers – Featuring Moe Othman & Roberto Blake
  6. Quality vs. Quantity – Featuring Swashin
  7. How Creators Make Money – Featuring Elliott Morgan


Have a topic you’d like to hear more about? Tell us below and we’ll find a Grapevine Community Pro to give you their best tips and tricks. Want to contribute to YouTube Life Hacks? Apply today in the Grapevine Marketplace.






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