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Three Exciting YouTube Influencer Marketing Trends for 2018

We’re just a few days into 2018 and at Grapevine, we couldn’t be more excited about YouTube Influencer Marketing. According to Google Search Trends, interest in Influencer Marketing increased over 2016 — and we can expect even more interest in the year to come.

Google searches for YouTube Influencer Marketing


  • Rise of Micro-Influencers

Simple economics demand that higher demand leads to increased value and therefore competitiveness in the market. Top social media creators are charging more for marketers to reach their audiences thanks to the increasing value brands get from the popularity of Instagram and YouTube Influencer Marketing.

Due to this, more and more brands will be looking to build relationships with smaller micro-influencers, meaning that brands will have to start segmenting their campaigns to more niche audiences. This is a good thing! Niche means more authenticity which yields greater engagement.

  • Better Tools for Tracking ROI and KPIs

Like with any marketing tool, strategy is important. The only way a marketer can unlock the power of influencer marketing is if they can guarantee they can properly track key metrics to build an analysis of results.

If you’re a marketer that wants to unlock the power of influencer marketing, invest in an Influencer Marketing platform (like Grapevine) that will give you access to detailed metrics such as reach, cost per view, and even number of conversions.

  • FTC Compliance

The most nebulous (and therefore, exciting) territory to cross is navigating the FTC regulations for a market that is maturing. Although regulations might seem like a pain, the hot take here is that it could actually make YouTube Influencer Marketing even stronger. Instead of uninspired snapshots of a product or service, sponsored content will now have to be more creative than ever in order to draw in the eyeballs they need.

If you’re as excited about influencers as we are and ready to build your own YouTube Influencer Marketing campaigns, then don’t hesitate to try Grapevine!

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