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YouTube in May: The Grapevine Community Rewind

This past month, about 6 billion hours of video were watched by YouTube viewers. Here at Grapevine, we know a chunk of those hours watched can be credited to videos created by our Grapevine Community members. And we also know that even more hardworking hours were devoted to creating such great content!


The Grapevine Community Rewind takes a moment to commemorate the hard work of our creators, tips on how to keep the good work coming, and any other notable highlights from the past month we decided were essential for you to check out.


See what happened on YouTube in May:


The Grapevine Lottery: May 2016 Winners

Our monthly lottery winners are picked based on the fantastic content they have created, their timeliness with posting videos, and building a great partnership with a brand. These 3 creators did an outstanding job this month and Grapevine wants to acknowledge that! Congrats to this month’s winners:

Ashley Monte

Stephanee Johnson

Samantha March

Want your chance to earn double your sponsorship fee? Check out the rules for The Grapevine Lottery here.


Meet Our 2016 Grapevine Ambassadors

We received some fantastic videos from our creators for our Grapevine Ambassador Contest and wish we could feature everyone in our community as an ambassador. However, we had to narrow it down to 8 honorable mentions and one winner – congrats to Katrina Marie! Huge thank you to everyone who submitted a video for the contest and for sharing your story.





On the Blog:

Real Time Text Messages: Product Update for Creators and Brands

Screen-Shot-2016-05-05-at-11.53.10-AMWe have found the quicker creators and brands communicate, the more positive partnership outcome there is. Let us help you stay on top of your campaigns with Grapevine text message reminders! We will let brands know when your sponsored content is about to go live and remind you about your booking and content confirmations.



What We’ve Been Up To

Team Grapevine at Demo DayMay flew by for Team Grapevine, and admittedly we’ve been a bit MIA on the blog. Why? Our final month at Techstars Boston culminated with Demo Day, and an opportunity to share what we’ve learned over the past 3 months and our future vision for Grapevine to an audience of over 1,000 startup enthusiasts and investors. The team worked hard to put together our final presentation and are super excited about what Grapevine has planned for the rest of 2016…

Less than a week before Demo Day, we also had the opportunity to participate in the INTX Lobstah Tank – a pitch competition for startups that started with over 20 of the best new startups in Boston. As a finalist, Grapevine duked it out against 5 others for the chance to win big and earn meetings with potential investors. [Spoiler Alert]: We won!




Community Spotlights

Each week we feature a different member of the Grapevine Community and learn about their rise to YouTube stardom. Want a chance to be featured? Email us or start up a conversation in the Grapevine Platform – we would love to hear from you!

Meet Simply Katarina

Screen-Shot-2016-05-19-at-11.34.26-AM-300x300Katarina’s lifestyle videos cover a variety of topics, including recipes, DIY’s, unboxings, hacks, and more. Her channel is easy to get hooked on, especially since most of her videos average around 3 minutes. If you are a vegan, crafty, or just looking for some new YouTube videos to binge on, check her out!



Tips from the Grapevine Community

Tips to Increase Your YouTube Views

We know you all want to increase your YouTube views, so Grapevine is here to help! Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when creating your next video:

  1. Best-YouTube-Views-IncreaserHave a solid title
  2. Choose relatable and concise thumbnails
  3. Copy links in your description box to old videos
  4. Be consistent in your story, style, and messaging

These tips may not work overnight, but they are a good place to get started. Everyone wants new subscribers, but remember you want to keep your current subscribers returning to your channel as well!



How to Successfully Collaborate On A Sponsorship

We have some tips for you on how to display good sponsorship etiquette when collaborating with a brand. The most important thing is to always keep the brand updated with what you are up to. For many brands, this may be their first time working with a creator, so make sure they are in the loop! Good relationships will lead to good collaborations.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 3.15.46 PM



Our Picks from the Grapevine Community

YouTube in May was full of great videos preparing us for the summer months ahead. Here are a few of our favorites!

Matt & Amanda: She Kicked Me Out Of The Kitchen!


The Find Guru: Hair Tips for Day Two/Three Curls


Vagabond Youth: ROOM TOUR | dream space






Community Highlights:

From YouTube to the Big Screen

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.51.29 AMOur very own DulceCandy appeared in a Target TV ad alongside actress Rita Moreno, personal trainer Massy Arias, and model Heidy De la Rosa. Watch her show off her style here!


And the Award Goes To…

Each spring,nyx-face-awards the NYX Face Awards handpicks 30 contestants to be considered for the Beauty Vlogger of the Year award – with a $50,000 cash prize! We have quite a few Grapevine creators in the top 30 this year, including GinsMakeup, HowtobyJordan, and many more. The first challenge was announced on May 6th, so stay tuned to their YouTube channels!


Welcome to the Community: Thatfashiongirl03

If you are looking for a variety of lifestyle and fashion videos, check out Emily’s channel! She is new to the Grapevine community, and we are already loving her style tips and inside looks to her everyday life. Welcome to Grapevine, Emily!




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