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YouTube in June: The Grapevine Community Rewind

With over a billion users on YouTube, we know it’s hard to keep up with what’s happening. And even though the weather outside has improved as summer officially commences, that didn’t stop YouTube or Grapevine from having a busy month. As long as our Community continues to upload fantastic content, we’re working hard right alongside them.


The Grapevine Community Rewind gathers highlights from the past month that you may have missed. We’ll also walk you through blog posts, tips and notable creator content that happened throughout the month of June. Everything you need to know in one quick read!


See what happened on YouTube in June:


The Grapevine Lottery: June 2016 Winners

Every month, The Grapevine Lottery winners are picked based on two criteria: they must have uploaded their videos on time, and also created outstanding content for their sponsorship! The winners also receive a little extra payday – double their sponsorship fee! Congratulations are in order for the following June Grapevine Lottery winners…

Ethnic Proportions

Erin Cole


Want to be entered in the lottery for the month of July? Check out the rules for The Grapevine Lottery here.


YouTube Creators Around the World

Grapevine boasts over 60,000 creators around the world, covering 6 continents and 135 countries. Our newest infographic displays where in the world our creators the most concentrated. Want to know where the most booked and highest earning creators live? Take a look at our infographic here!




On the Blog:

3 New Features for Creators: Product Update

We seriously updated our platform throughout the month of June, adding three new features! The updates all benefit creators to ensure a better, smoother experience with Grapevine. Introducing our three new features:

  1. YouTube in JuneInstagram Sponsorships – link your Instagram account and start creating sponsored content on Instagram!
  2. New Creator Profiles – creator profiles have a new layout, giving a better visual depiction of your profile and allowing brands to easily find your past sponsored videos
  3. Estimated Brand Budget Scales – you can now see what a brand’s estimated payout is for their campaigns, allowing you to know how much they are willing to pay per video.


We hope these updates make working with brands and with Grapevine easier and more efficient. We’re working hard to give you guys the best experience on our platform!



Three Tips For Attracting Content Creators

A few Grapevine creators stepped up to the plate and gave excellent feedback to brands in our recent article “Three Tips For Attracting Content Creators.” In an effort to build better working relationships between brands and creators, we turned to our community and asked you what the do’s and don’ts for collaborating with brands are. Take a look what a few Grapevine Community members had to say…

“Quick replies are very appreciated. It makes the process so much easier to YouTube in Junebe able to get answers fast. It moves the creative process along as well.” – Saammage


YouTube in JuneMost content creators like to plan videos in advance. If we are receiving a reply to do a sponsored video with only a 1 or 2 week notice, it makes the entire campaign stressful, which is never a good strategy for any future collaborations.” – TravisBryantNYC



YouTube in June

“Always include all expectations of the video BEFORE accepting the collaboration. Also, any tracking links or coupon codes are nice to have asap as well.” –Kayleena


Do you agree with what they have to say? Comment below if you have any additional advice! And be on the look out, we’ll be asking for more advice from creators in the future!



Community Spotlights

Every week, we reach out to a different member of the Grapevine Community and hear how they got to where they are on YouTube. Want a chance to be featured? Email us or start up a conversation in the Grapevine Platform – we would love to hear from you!



YouTube in JuneSince starting on YouTube a few years ago, Mikayla’s channel has gone from “OG beauty guru videos” to incorporating more DIYs, lifestyle, life hacks and food testing videos. She became addicted to watching YouTube videos five years back, and even went to school for Television Broadcast. Her piece of advice to those interested in getting started on YouTube is to do it yesterday! YouTube is constantly growing with creators like Mikayla, so get started ASAP. Check out MissMikaylaG’s channel and hit that subscribe button to help her get to 200k subscribers!



Erin Busbee

YouTube in JuneYouTube is populated by so many amazing creators of all ages, all around the world. There are TONS of fabulous mommy vloggers out there like Erin Busbee, and this month we caught up with her and learned about how she was inspired to get into YouTube. She used to work at WCBS in New York as a producer and a reporter, and can now apply her skills from TV broadcasting to her channel. She is basically a one woman show – every week she creates videos, blog posts, newsletters, as well as watching over her two young kids! Her style videos are relatable for women of all ages, so go check her out!




Arianna Henderson

YouTube in JuneWith over 35,000 subscribers, Arianna’s channel includes content of her performing skits, music videos, vlogs, and other videos that fulfill Arianna’s creative outlet. She has a crazy personality and her videos provide awesome, funny entertainment! She is so proud of the improved content she creates today, and can’t wait to continue making videos as she takes on life after college!




Tips from the Grapevine Community

Don’t Delete Your Video

YouTube in JuneWhat is the appropriate amount of time for your videos to stay up on your channel? According to our experts here at Grapevine, the answer is forever! It is important to keep your content live AND public on YouTube, and even more so if it is a sponsored video. The brands who paid for a portion of your video to promote their product deserves a video that stays live forever. In any case, the longer a video stays live, the more views it gets. Videos don’t go viral overnight, so keep that video up on your channel to increase its view count!



Quality vs. Quantity

Many creators strYouTube in Juneuggle with finding a good balance between organic content and sponsored content. It is important that your viewers stay engaged, and therefore you don’t want your channel to be overloaded with sponsored content. Our biggest piece of advice is to stick to your upload schedule. Keeping track of when and what you will be posting will help balance out organic and sponsored content. We recommend for every four videos you upload, have one video be sponsored. If your channel becomes overwhelmed with sponsored content, you risk your viewers losing interest. They subscribed to your channel because they love the quality content you create, so give the people what they want!



Our Picks from the Grapevine Community

There was a ton of fantastic content on YouTube in June. Here are a few of our favorites!











Community Highlights

 Welcome to the Community: 

Nathan Griffiths

Nathan’s channel is a great mix of minimal men’s fashion and lifestyle. He posts men’s lookbooks, vlogs, and other lifestyle tip videos. Fun fact: on top of running his YouTube channel, he also runs his own clothing line! Check out our favorite video below.


Connie Talbot

Connie was a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent – see if you remember this viral video of her from almost 10 years ago! Along with her amazing voice, she already has a great fan base and just released her debut album. We’re excited to work with her!



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