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Youtube + Google Plus Equals a Bigger Audience

On your journey to becoming a YouTube phenomenon, you will be doing what’s necessary to promote yourself – everything from applying for sponsorships to promoting yourself through social media. While everyone is familiar with common platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, many people don’t know that Google + is another great platform that can boost your YouTube audience. If you’re wondering how Google Plus will help increase the number of followers you have on YouTube, then keep reading to learn more about their relationship.

Understanding Their Relationship

Before you dream of the ways that Google Plus is going to benefit your YouTube channel, first you need to understand how they relate to each other. When Google Plus launched, no one was certain at first of the relationship between the two platforms, but as Google Plus continued to develop and YouTube continued to update, you can see the obvious relation between the two. You can connect your YouTube accounts with your Google Plus pages and posts; you can create and connect annotations inside of your videos to your Google Plus account; and many more beneficial features. Learn more about annotations here. In more words or less, every Google Plus account is connected to a YouTube channel in some way, shape or form.

Comments and Posts on Google Plus

There’s a number of ways you can promote your videos through Google Plus to your followers and friends so that you can reach out to them, even if they don’t visit YouTube to see your latest video. Commenting on YouTube videos as well as Google Plus posts that are about YouTube videos is a great way to get the word spread about your YouTube video. You want to continue the engagement about the video past YouTube, so sharing the video on Google Plus is one way to do that. This can actually be done through YouTube by clicking the ‘share’ button. Your connection between your YouTube account and your Google Plus account may ultimately play a significant role in your rankings.

Utilizing the ‘Top Fan’ Feature

Connecting with your top fans on YouTube is the key to maintaining their loyalty. The ‘top fan’ feature available on YouTube, for anyone with more than 1,000 subscribers, is the perfect way to continue engaging with your audience as well as using Google Plus to your advantage. On the fans table, your most engaged and influential viewers will be listed and you’ll have the opportunity to sort them however you like – whether it’s top commenters, likes or more – to sort out who you’d like to connect with further. Once you have done this, you can set up a Google Plus circle, which will connect with your top YouTube fans. What does this mean for your audience? Not only will this allow you to connect with your followers on a more personal level, but this will give you another media for your fans to follow you on. It also speaks volumes about your dedication to caring for your audience, which will provide fans with another chance to speak highly of you – via Google Plus.


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