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YouTube Creators Take Over The 7th Republican Debate

Dulce Candy at the Republican Debate
Dulce Candy at the Republican Debate

Last night’s 7th Republican debate in Iowa may have been one to miss for some (Donald Trump did!). But Google’s introduction of 3 established YouTube Creators introduced an interesting new element to the 2 hour event on Fox News.  In our opinion it was the highlight of the evening.


These Creators are some of YouTube’s most well known: Dulce Candy, Nabela Noor and Mark Watson (aka Soldier Knows Best), were each given the opportunity to pose a question to the candidates via video.  Each creator brought their own unique perspective to the table – one that has also helped to root them as a person and is reflected frequently in their YouTube channels.  For Nabela, it was her Muslim-American background, for Dulce Candy, it was her immigration from Mexico, for Mark, it was his experience with Technology.


Nabela Noor at the Republican Debate
Nabela Noor at the Republican Debate

At Grapevine, we think it’s refreshing to see mainstream media embracing the power of YouTube and the voices behind it.  This notion has been central to our business since we began working with YouTube Creators in 2012. Seeing the results from hundreds of campaigns first hand, we know better than anyone how much untapped opportunity there is in the power of YouTube Creators.  We’re especially proud that Fox News and the GOP recognized both Dulce Candy and Nabela Noor – who are both members of the Grapevine Community.


Miss the broadcast? Here’s a download of the questions Dulce Candy, Nabela Noor and Mark Watson posed, and how the candidates responded at the Republican debate.


Nabela Noor’s Question for Jeb Bush

Nabela is a Muslim-American who has spoken out about anti-Islamic commentary and “Islamaphobia.”  Her video Dear America | From a Muslim American has generated almost 60K views on her YouTube channel, and formed the basis for her question to Jeb Bush about hate crimes in the US against Muslims.

Dulce Candy’s Question for Ben Carson

Dulce Candy is a Hispanic Immigrant, who has been incredibly outspoken about her immigration to the United States via her video Draw My Life: Dulce Candy.  Since then Dulce Candy has become an American citizen and discovered her passion for beauty and fashion while serving in the Armed Forces in Iraq.  Her question to Ben Carson was focused on immigration policies and how they affect entrepreneurs.

Mark Watson’s Question for Rand Paul

Mark Watson aka. Soldier Knows Best is one of the most trusted tech reviewers in the YouTube space.  He’s also former US Military (hence his YouTube Channel name), and lives in St. Louis, MO, in close proximity to Ferguson, MO.  As someone who is well versed in technology, his question asked why police technology is so outdated, when we oftentimes have more advanced options in our pocket.


We think Nabela Noor, Dulce Candy and Mark Watson all deserve a big congrats for representing the YouTube community last night. We’re excited to be seeing more and more Creators featured on TV (like this recent DiGiorno campaign featuring Ray William Johnson, Colleen Evans and DeStorm Power) – and hope to see many more opportunities for others in 2016.


What did you think of Fox News including YouTube Creators into the Republican Debate last night? Who would you like to hear from in the future? Tell us your thoughts below!




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