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Youtube Collaboration: Get Creative and Gain Veiwership

Youtube collaborations are extremely beneficial for your channel. When you do a Youtube collaboration you gain many things, the first being a wider audience. You are now reaching not only your audience, but your collaboration partner’s audience as well. This is great exposure for your channel. You also gain a lot creatively. It is always great to interact and learn form a fellow Youtuber. When you put your ideas together you can come up with some awesome “out of the box” ideas.

A great example of a Youtube collaboration is one between Rclbeauty101 and hairodynamic. Both these girls have February birthdays and they thought it would be fun to send each other birthday packages and open them on camera.


Reach the Right Audience

Having fun is important. If you aren’t having fun with your Youtube collaboration then your audience isn’t either. Rclbeauty101 and hairodynamic gave their viewers something they want to see. It is important to collaborate with a Youtuber who has a similar audience. If you are collaborating with someone who has a baking channel and you have a beauty channel then you might not gain a lot out of the collaboration. Your exposure will not reach the right audience so you probably won’t gain many new subscribers, which should be one of your main goals when doing a Youtube collaboration.

Make Your Youtube Collaboration Creative

This collaboration between Rclbeauty101 and hairodynamic is not a typical Youtube collaboration. A lot of collaborations are done with both Youtubers in one video together. Since Rclbeauty101 and hairodynamic don’t live close enough to shoot a video together they decided to make two separate videos and include each others links. This gives viewers a reason to visit both collaborator’s channels, which is great for increasing subscribers. When the viewer has a reason to be on your channel they will be much more likely to hit subscribe. You wont have much luck convincing viewers to go to your page just to subscribe to it. Give them another reason to be on your channel first, like Rclbeauty101 and hairodynamic did,  before you try to get them to subscribe.

Set Goals

Another reason Rclbeauty101 and hairodynamic’s Youtube collaboration was such a great success was because they set a goal for the collaboration. Rclbeauty101 reached out to the viewers and communicated that they wanted the video to get 75,000 likes. If you set goals then you have something of measurable value to reflect back on. You can brainstorm what worked well and what didn’t work well. Take that knowledge and make your next Youtube collaboration even better!

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