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Youtube Analytics: Why Your Viewers Subscribe

Why does a viewer subscribe to a channel? It’s the million dollar question and you can know the answer! That’s right, you can learn why your viewers are subscribing to your channel using Youtube analytics.

Learn More About Your Viewers

Youtube analytics is a great tool to help you learn more about your viewers. You can actually see which videos viewers are subscribing and unsubscribing on. This is huge. You can see what material gets the best responses from your audience and then incorporate those tactics into your future videos. You can also see where people are unsubscribing, you can critically look at your video and figure out what is causing viewers to unsubscribe.

Moving Forward

After you have this wonderful information provided by Youtube analytics, you can create future videos with a much better focus. By knowing what percentage of views become subscribers, you can now set goals for yourself and for your channel. Setting measurable goals is extremely affective when you are looking to grow your channel. If you have something you are striving for you can focus your material and measure your progress. If you know you want to increase subscribers you can now look at what has been successful in the past, replicate it, and add call-to-actions as channel promotions.


Call-to-actions are helpful when you are looking to promote your channel. They allow you to promote within your videos. You can use annotations, InVideo programming, end-cards, and video descriptions. Once you have properly added these to your video you can turn back to Youtube analytics to rate their effectiveness. Youtube analytics will show you which call-to-actions are being clicked on most, other wise known as click-through rate (CTR).

click-through rate

You can focus your call-to-actions and determine where they best fit in your videos. Should you have an end-card in all of your videos? Are verbal mentions more affective than annotations? Are annotations better in the middle of your video and InVideo programming better at the end? These are all questions that you can answer when you look at Youtube analytics. Youtube will give you the data and you can draw the conclusions.

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