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Youtube Analytics: How They Help Grow A Loyal Audience

Okay vloggers, it time to talk analytics. I know, the word sounds like something only accountants should have to understand. Luckily for us, Youtube is on our side. They do all the work for us! Youtube collects all kinds of statistics on your videos and channel and presents it to you in neat, easy to read, graphs and tables. It sounds too good to be true right? Wrong. The best part is it’s all free and done for anyone who has a channel, big or small.

Better Get To Know Your Audience

Youtube analytics allows you to see who your audience is. You can see what percent of them are male or female, and their ages. This simple information can be key to building your channel. If you know your audience is majority female ages 15-23 you can cater to that demographic. Knowing your audience gives you the power to satisfy your viewers by giving them material you know they will enjoy.


Youtube Analytics Specifics

There are three key reports when looking at an overview of your viewers

  1. Subscriber Views– This is a filter that allows you to display your stats based only on subscribers of your channel. You can know who the people that choose to subscribe and keep coming back for more.
  2. Demographics– Provides simple, straight forward stats on your audience’s age and gender.
  3. Geography– You can view what percentage of your viewers are in the United States. You may have a strong following in England and not even know it.

Youtube analytics allows you to better understand your audience. If you know who is watching you can be mindful of them when making your next video. Using this information in your favor you can not only attract more viewers, but keep the ones you have happy and loyal to your channel. If you are a veteran Youtuber or you are just starting a channel Youtube analytics is one of the most important tools available to you.

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