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Youtube Analytics: Find What Attracts Your Viewers

A great resource Youtube provides you with is the ability to see what parts of your videos people find the most appealing. Youtube analytics is one of your most important tools, and its free!

What is your audience’s favorite parts of your videos?

Youtube analytics allows you to view stats on each individual video. What you see will look something like this.



Videos with high retention rates are much more likely to come to the top of a search on Youtube. What is retention you ask? There are two types of retention, as you can see in the top graph.

  1. Absolute Retention– refers to the parts of your video that people are skipping and what parts people are watching. This allows you to know what parts of your video are the most affective, and least affective. The more people watch your video the higher your retention rate is. If they are skipping around, or they only watch the beginning and then abandon your video, the lower your chances of Youtube putting your video at the top of a search.
  2. Relevant Retention- compares your videos to others of a similar length. This is based off of absolute retention, meaning how people are skipping around or only watching parts of your video. It will show you what videos are giving you the highest retention and the most success.

Understand individual viewers

With Youtube analytics you are able to see what videos an individual viewer is watching. You can watch their viewing patterns, which can help you with logistics. Being able to know what days people are more likely to visit your channel can be an indicator as to when you should post your video. Knowing how many videos a viewer watches in one sitting tells you how often you should suggesting other videos, hint: always encourage your viewers to watch another video. Your viewers have trends and patterns, by using Youtube analytics you can easily track those patterns and adjust your videos accordingly!

How do your viewers find you?

Knowing where your viewers are finding your videos is an extremely useful tool. Youtube analytics allows you to see where your viewers are coming from. A majority of your viewers may be finding your channel through another channel that is similar to yours. If that is the case you may want to consider reaching out and asking for a collaboration. Maybe a lot of people are finding you from your twitter, that is a great place where you should increase your outreach. Don’t be afraid to check out your Youtube analytics and find out more about your audience.


Having all of this information at the tip of your fingers is so beneficial, using it puts you at an extreme advantage. To learn more about Youtube analytics and  creating a strong audience check out Youtube Analytics: How they help grow a loyal audience.



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