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You’re booked on a campaign! What’s next?

You’re booked on a campaign- AMAZING! Congrats! This is a huge moment, only 5% of creators have their proposals accepted. We’re so proud of you! But wait, now what?

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There is an important little checklist to keep in mind once you’re booked on a campaign to ensure that you’re meeting the requirements of the campaign. Don’t be afraid to ask detailed messages to the brand at any point in your process of creating the video for the campaign- brands want to be looped in! The Grapevine Community team has put together a great checklist of questions you should be asking yourself and the brand before you film.

  • Did you pick an appropriate deadline?
    • Has it taken a bit longer than expected to receive your products in the mail? Kindly ask the brand to update the deadline to a date that fits your filming schedule.
  • Have you and the brand decided on a theme for your video?
    • Is everyone on the same page in terms of theme and style? Is there a conflicting competitor’s product in your video?
  • Do you read over the talking points and fully understand what’s expected to be mentioned in your video?
    • If you’re unsure, ask! It’s always better to ask and clarify than to re-edit a video. Is there a question on pronunciation?
  • Do you have promo-code and call to action?
    • Most campaigns will have a specific call to action that the brand wants you to mention, “click the link below and use promo code SHOP10 at checkout to receive free shipping!” is an example!
  • Do you know how to use the product? (be sure to read all instructions and if a specific technique is needed)
    • Unboxing and first impressions are really the only times you won’t test out the product beforehand. Be sure to carefully read the instructions and test out the products so you have a solid understanding.
  • Have you let the brand know when you will be sending over the unlisted link?
    • You probably have a posting schedule, right? If your upload date is on a Thursday, send in your video on a Monday. This give the brand a day to review and send over feedback. If you followed all the requirements you’ll most likely have the video approved however, if they brand requests a few edits than you’ll have a day to complete the revisions. Giving yourself a buffer will help ensure you can still post on your upload date and won’t impact your posting schedule.

Never be hesitate to let the brand know any details about your process or timeline. Life happens, we get it! It’s always best to keep the communication open incase something does come up- everyone can plan accordingly. As always, if you ever need additional help always feel free to reach out to a Community Manager and we’ll be there to support you every step of the way. 


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