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How To: The Perfect Grapevine Proposal!

Being part of the Grapevine Community you get the opportunity to be a part of some really cool campaigns. To start your journey in being chosen for a campaign, your proposal is key. It is your personal selling pitch as to why you are the best YouTuber to be on the campaign!


Let out your inner Ron Burgundy. Don’t be afraid to be confident in yourself and let us know why! Here are the some tips to write the perfect proposal.

1. Why this campaign is meaningful to you.
Let us know what interests you the most about the campaign! Why did you apply to this campaign rather than a different one?

2. What kind of video would you make?
Here’s the creative part. Show us how original you can be. Share your ideas of what you think would make a successful video. What types of videos would audience would be most engaged with? What kind of video you think would work best for this campaign?

3. Why we should pick you for this campaign.
Here is the part where you really sell yourself! This is where you tell us why you are the best pick for this campaign. What separates your from the rest? What can you bring to the table that no one else can?

4. Pick a realistic upload date.
This part may seem silly but it is actually important. Life happens and things come up but picking a realistic upload date that you can stick to is key.

We look forward to hearing from all of you and your great ideas!

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