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How to Write Effective Influencer Marketing Creative Briefs

In this digital age, the best way for brands to reach their ideal customer is through Influencer Marketing. This is especially true if that audience is millennials. However, discovering that perfect influencer on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Snapchat is just one small step on the path to a great campaign. You need to make sure that there’s proper alignment between your vision and the creative ambitions of your target creator.

This is such a fine line to balance. Obviously, you want to team up with an influencer to craft authentic content that you know their fans will adore. At the same time, you want to be able to craft an effective message to hit your goals. The challenge with influencer marketing is really about managing expectations.

The best way a brand and an influencer can stay aligned and stay creative is simple: a robust and detailed creative brief. This brief should outlines goals, desired outcomes, key messages, and general content. Good creative briefs equip influencers with everything they need to deliver based on your goals. The best briefs, however, provide a framework an influencer can use to hit outcomes while at the same time delighting audiences.

A good brief takes a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, we made a template for you to help you get started.

Influencer Marketing Creative Brief Sample
Sneak peek at the free Influencer Marketing Creative Brief

A quick summary to keep in mind as you fill out the brief:

Overview – What? When? Who? Why? 

This is the first impression your target Influencer will have of your campaign so make sure you are concise and precise. Be clear about what your campaign is about, what channels you want to post content on, when you want the influencer to deliver, and most importantly: the budget you have.

The Brief – Be SMART

Here you can get into some more details. Be specific about the target audience, what kind of actions you want the influencer’s audience to take, and any specific messages that need to be shared in the promotion. What’s the solution does your brand offer your target audience? What vibe are you aiming for? This is an opportunity to include that.

Make sure to stay SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic, Time-based) with your goals and objectives. Again, this brief is supposed to start a discussion.

Scope – Plan Ahead

Influencers are busy. So busy, in fact, that they often are booked for months ahead. This is your opportunity to outline key dates and deliverables in advance. Influencers need an accurate sense for when to start production and a timeline so they won’t double book. You might even want to include specific film/shoot days and include times for check-in meetings so that all parties remain aligned.

Creative Requirements – Be Flexible

Many marketers are tempted in this section to script the video or post entirely. Don’t do that! Outline what an influencer must do in a video but leave enough room so that an influencer can imbue their own creativity and ideas. After all, aren’t you paying for the creativity that earned a massive audience in the first place?

Other Concerns – Pay Attention to the Details

Make sure that your Influencer understands of all of the relevant disclosure rules so that you both don’t get in trouble with the FTC.

Finally, don’t forget to include all appropriate URLs, hashtags, media assets, and social media handles to ensure that your brand goes far with your collaboration.

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