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Why YouTube Works To Improve Sales

Heres a thought, YouTube can be used for more than videos of cats and bulldogs riding skateboards. Not everything that hits the Internet space has to go viral to be valuable. In fact, most of what’s out there doesn’t even approach viral, but that doesn’t mean it can’t help you reach your goals and improve sales.

Creating engaging content about your brand or product might not get you billions of view, but it can get the right kind of traffic to improve sales numbers up.


Search Optimized and Laziness Approved

Here’s the thing: Google likes video. Video content that matches search terms gets pushed higher on search engines than blogs or regular web pages. You can have an incredibly well-written how-to guide on fly fishing, but there’s a good chance the the passable video version will get ranked higher on search results. That doesn’t mean that you should produce mediocre video. It’s more an illustration of how valuable well-done, low key, videos can be when your brand is making efforts to improve sales.

Beyond that, people are kind of lazy– and that’s a good things in this instance.

Moving your eyes to read and then actually comprehending the information that you’re collecting requires a lot of effort. Watching a video, on the other hand, just requires you to sit and stare. You only have to think if you want to because the people or things on the screen are doing all of the work for you. Considering the fact that we can now change the thermostat temperatures from our phones without ever getting off the couch, it’s no wonder that people prefer video.


Get Engaged

Stop before you get down on one knee. That’s not what we’re talking about. A good video doesn’t have to spread like wildfire. It just has to catch the attention of the people who it’s intended for. It’s a nice perk if it grabs other people in the meantime.

Your sales improve when you use YouTube to get your information out. Youtube gives customers an idea of who your brand really is. It serves as the welcome matt and handshake that they would get if they walked into your store or your office. If you’re a fun and bubbly operation, your video will should that. If you’re down-to-earth and compassionate, you can also make that a priority in your messaging. Good videos show who you are while making potential clients and customers remember you.

…And every now and then, there’s a kitten falling off a couch.


Sharing Is Caring… And Good For Business

We learned in kindergarten to share, and that’s still the case now that we’re adults. We may keep the crayons to ourselves, but we love to hit the share button when we’re on social media. When people find something that they enjoy or that was informative, they share it EVERYWHERE: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and whatever other way the kids are communicating these days. One person who likes your content could easily catch the attention of 5 more people who may also like your content. And it continues to grows from there, and in return improve sales.


Skip The Viral. Video Alone Can Be Enough

It’s great if you can come up with a way to get your videos to spread like wildfire across the web, but it isn’t something you can rely on. You can get a million views, but you may need to spread it across several short videos targeted toward your demographic. When you are thinking improve sales, think strategically and thoughtfully. Find a plan, and a channel, that works for your brand.



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