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Why You Should Build A Strong Youtuber Relationship

It is important to build a strong Youtuber relationship with the influencers your brand works with. You don’t want to attempt to connect with influencers by blindly sending out emails and seeing which one sticks. Begin by communicating in small ways. Comment on blogs. Share their social media posts. Retweet them on Twitter. Link to them from your own social media. Communicate and support them with no strings attached. Once you have a dialogue, then you can send an email. Email is the best way to communicate because it’s professional, and it’s also outside of the social media space. It proves that you’ve done your homework. In your email, explain who you are, what your service or product does, and ask them if they would like to connect with your brand in some way. You might suggest that they do a guest post on your blog or you might set up a system where you post for each other. Your communication establishes that you value not only the amount of influence that they have but also the content that is the result of their hard work.

Why the Youtuber Relationship Is Important

When choosing your Youtuber relationship be mindful. You can pick someone with a big follower count to share your information. You should keep in mind that just because a Youtuber has a large number of subscribers that doesn’t mean that it will actually yield extra sales or have a bigger impact on your organization. Just like influencers avoid getting involved with brands that could turn away their followers, brands should also be careful about the reputation of the person who they’ve asked to share their information. Building a Youtuber relationship prior to establishing them as a brand influencer for your organization gives you a little more control. You’ll have a better idea if the person is going to follow through, if they have a tendency to be unprofessional, or if they’re organized enough to meet the criterion that you set out for your influencer program.

The Relationship Is Set. How Do We Connect?

Once you’ve established the first string of influencers that you want to work with your campaign, the influencer marketing part is over until you go to round up another group down the line. That doesn’t mean your part in the process is over, but the marketing changes gears from recruiting people to your purpose to actually generating the content. During the process of connecting with a potential influencer, you may have discussed how the relationship will work. Do you want them to just share your content and recommend your website? Would it be helpful for them to review an actual product? You can suggest that they guest post on your blog and then share it. There are a lot of ways to build the symbiosis necessary to show their followers that you’re working together on purpose, and you have to work out the details with your new team. Guest posts are a great way to start because they drive the influencer’s reach to your website and help get your brand out there to the masses.


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