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Why Content Planning is Important: YouTube Life Hacks Lesson #2

Life is hectic. When you have a million things happening, fitting your YouTube channel into your routine can easily fall to the bottom of your to-do list.


However, some of the most successful and engaging creators on YouTube have found that sticking to your schedule will help you to build your audience and grow your channel. Subscribers flock to creators who are reliable.


As Serein Wu says, think of your channel like a TV show. You know when your favorite shows air every week and know without fail they’ll be on. Treat your channel the same.


You don’t have to post multiple times a week to be successful on YouTube – be honest with yourself and create a calendar that works for you, and most importantly, that you can commit to.


Serein is a master at content planning with a very organized weekly schedule (she posts 3x/week!). In YouTube Life Hacks Lesson #2, she’ll share with you why content planning is important and better yet, how it will help you grow your channel. For a full list of YouTube Life Hacks lessons, click here.


YouTube Hacks: Content Calendar ft. Serein Wu



When do you post to your channel? Are there certain days/times that work best for your channel? Let us know, or even better, be a part of YouTube Life Hacks!





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