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Our Tips for When to Mention Brand Sponsorships & Why: Community Guidelines

A question we’re asked a lot is why we recommend (okay, require) a creator to mention brand sponsorships within the first 2 minutes of their videos.  Believe it or not, there is a reason and today, we’re going to tell you why.  Here are our tips for when to mention brand sponsorships in your videos.


Viewership Within the Grapevine Community

We took at look at everyone in the Grapevine Community and crunched some numbers.  Here’s what we found:


Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 11.58.04 AM


This means on average, audiences are seeing less than half of the content you’re producing, and oftentimes they’re ducking out after the first couple of minutes!  That’s why it’s super important to get all the information viewers want (and sometimes need) into the beginning – think of it as a 30 second commercial that will pull them into the full show.


We took a look at some of the most successful creators in our platform and this is what we learned:


  • Creators with a high average view duration & high view percentage are typically very clear about the content of their video and what it entails – almost like a table of contents for what’s happening next


  • These creators typically have very clear and informative titles for their videos that pull viewers in and educate them on the subject of the video before it even begins


  • These creators are open, honest and to the point


What does all this look like IRL? Here are a couple of examples from the Grapevine Community:


KathleenLights for It Cosmetics


Marnie Goldberg for AutoTrader


These ladies are both in the upper 75% percentile of Grapevine creators when it comes to view duration and average view percentage. Both waste no time getting to the point of their videos and always incorporate important info into the title and body of their videos. Looks like a winning combo to us!


6:45 Video Length isn’t Short

You may think a video that’s 6:45 seems a little short.  Truth is, people these days have a terribly short attention span (sadly).  According to ReelSEO, the average total video length across social platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vine & Twitter) is 1:26.  While platforms like Vine & Instagram skew this with limits on how long a video can be, even the top 10 most viewed YouTube videos of all time are all under 5:00 (and not so surprisingly, all music videos).


Some of the most engaging videos on the Grapevine platform have actually hit UNDER the 5 minute mark.  Here’s an example from Nicole Guerriero, who knows a thing or two (she has over 2.4M subscribers!):



We know sometimes it’s impossible to do everything you want to do within a 5 minute video, and we’re not suggesting that you always adhere to this.  What we are saying is, regardless of your content, it’s important to understand your audience is used to watching smaller snippets of content on the reg. Getting the most important pieces of your video into the first 2 minutes will only help in capturing your audience’s attention and keeping them engaged throughout the entirety of your video.

Getting Brand Sponsorships Right


Balancing brand sponsorships within your content can be tricky – what’s the perfect balance, and how can you engage your audience and incorporate everything you need to while maintaining an organic feel in your video?


Firstly don’t forget, if you’re lucky enough to be in a position where you can work with brands, congrats – that’s a huge deal! It’s no easy feat building a YouTube channel with loyal subscribers.


Secondly, don’t worry, no one gets it right every time. Change things up and learn what works for your channel and audience.   If you’re below 2:42 seconds for average view duration or below 42% for average view percentage, try out some new techniques and see if you can increase that number.


Thirdly, we’re here to help! The Grapevine team is not only comprised of a group of YouTube lovers, but we also watch and edit videos with hundreds of creators each week.  We’re here to help you with anything you need to make your YouTube channel successful.


Have any tips and tricks for mentioning brand sponsorships seamlessly in your videos? Tell us in the comments below!


Good Luck! XOXO,


The Grapevine Community Team





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