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What We've Been Up To: INTX Lobstah Tank & Techstars Demo Day

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Team Grapevine. As we roll into the holiday weekend, we thought we’d share what we’ve been up. Happy Memorial Day weekend from our team to yours! 😎


INTX Lobstah Tank

Grapevine wins INTX Lobstah TankWe’re excited to announce we brought home the first place title at INTX’s Lobstah Tank last week. Our team walked away with a private face-to-face meeting with potential investors and a $10,000 cash prize – a big win in our book! Here’s how it all went down…


In case you missed it, The Internet & Television Expo (INTX) hosted its annual show in Boston just last week, bringing together 9,000 of the industry’s best and brightest for three days of killer keynotes, demos, talks and exhibitors. Attendees included executives from Comcast, ESPN, FullScreen, Starz and a ton of other household names.


However, while others were walking the show floor and taking it all in, Grapevine Founder and CEO Brendan Lattrell was getting ready to take the plunge into The Lobstah Tank, a head-to-head startup pitch competition for early-stage companies. After making it through the preliminary round on May 11, the finalists headed to the big stage at INTX’s Imagine Park on May 17 to present in front of a live audience and a panel of judges, including folks from BostInno, Accomplice and Rodgers Ventures, and Comcast Silicon Valley. Moderated by NBC Universal anchor, David Culver, finalists were welcomed up to make their six-minute pitches – and it was on!


The competition was stiff, but after the judges deliberated, Grapevine was named the winner. It was a great experience and we walked away with a pretty sweet prize. Now – onto prepping another pitch for those one-on-one investors meeting…


Techstars Demo Day

Team Grapevine at Techstars Boston Demo Day with Jere Doyle of Sigma Prime Ventures
Team Grapevine at Techstars Boston Demo Day with Jere Doyle of Sigma Prime Ventures

Less than a week later, we were off to give another pitch, but this time, to a crowd of over 1,000 investors, startup enthusiasts and peers – at Techstars Demo Day.


For the past 3 months, Grapevine has participated in the 10th class of Techstars Boston – an accelerator program geared toward helping companies connect with mentors in Boston to fuel growth and momentum. We were among some amazing teams, like Seed&Spark, who are turning the film industry upside down by putting the power of movie production into the hands of the audience, and Rocketbook, whose futuristic notebooks can be uploaded to the cloud, then erased in 2 minutes in the microwave.


Brendan and the other CEO’s practiced their pitches for weeks in preparation for the main event. And when the day finally came, Grapevine had the opportunity to close out the show, as the 2nd to last presentation.


The pitch started off with an intro from Dave Balter, the founder of one of the first influencer marketing companies, BzzAgent. Dave told the crowd the story of how he turned down Brendan not once, but 2 times before finally investing in Grapevine, and only when he saw the reporting capabilities the Grapevine platform had.


The lights dimmed, and then our 2016 Grapevine Ambassadors appeared on screen, giving their own heartfelt testimonials about how Grapevine has changed their life. Check out the video below:



Brendan then took the stage and when he grabbed the mic, the audience was transported a half-mile beneath lower Manhattan – the air thick with the smell of gasoline, surrounded by the loud drumming of a tunnel boring machine engine. He had just wrapped filming a show he was producing for The Discovery Channel and that evening when he opened his laptop he was shocked to see that there were YouTube videos getting three times more views than the prime-time show he was just filming.


He then moved into the rapidly changing world of TV, now viewed on devices, made by passionate individuals, and monetized by how personally they strike an audience. He talked about Grapevine’s extensive network of brands and the thousands of active creators, including beauty and lifestyle influencer Alex Centomo, and shared some of the spectacular success we’ve seen through the Grapevine platform.


Brendan closed the pitch with where Grapevine is headed next – we’ve got a lot of work cut out for us, but we can’t wait to share what we’re working on with all of our creator and brand partners soon.


At Grapevine, we’ve got a lot to celebrate this holiday weekend. Stay tuned for more Team Grapevine happenings.




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