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The Final Countdown: Last Minute Holiday Ideas!

It’s three days before Christmas! By now, you are probably up to your ears in glitter, holiday festivities, cookies, wrapping paper, and a sprinkling of anxiety because time is running out. Sorry to remind you. But never fear we are here for you with some last minute holiday ideas.

There are so many last minute things to do, it can get a little overwhelming. Before you frantically google all those random thoughts bouncing around in your head of what to do, sit down, grab a Redbull and listen up!

Christmas is days away and you are totally spacing on what to get your kookie Auntie Katie for the family secret santa. Andrea’s Choice has the perfect holiday ideas for you! It is perfect if you are drawing a blank on what to get your friends and family.

If you are looking for a new makeup look for that is a classic but with a twist? Shaaanxo has the perfect tutorial! It’s so girly and perfect for any event this holiday season or whenever you’re feeling extra glam!

Hosting a holiday get together? Here’s what you are going to cook and it’s so easy! You’ll impress all your friends.

As for decorations? WhatsupsMoms had got you covered! Roll up those sleeves and get your DIY on!

So no stress! Just relax and enjoy the holiday season!


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