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Vloggers need these 2 numbers to find sponsorship deals

You’re a vlogger on YouTube. You make great content, have a growing subscriber base, and partnered with YouTube to start generating some advertising revenue.


Everything has been going well and you’re ready to take your channel to the next level with some brand sponsorships deals. But how exactly does one go about landing their first brand deal?


There’s tons of YouTube channels out there that are qualified for sponsorship deals without knowing it. Chances are YOU are qualified for a sponsorship deal (that’s right, you), but you just need time to find the right sponsor. If you know these 2 critical numbers about your channel,  you’ll find that sponsor in half the time.

1) Audience Demographic



YouTube Analytics Dashboard

Your audience demographic is one of the most important pieces of information you need to find and lock down a brand deal. If you haven’t already, check your channel’s YouTube Analytics to see the kind of people who watch your content the most. The three key components of your audience demographic is:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Location

If your content appeals to males between the ages 18-24, you are going to immediately attract the attention of a brand whose products are sold to men in the late-teens and early-twenties. It’s that simple. And once your audience demographic hooks a brand’s attention, your second number should seal the deal.

2) Audience Size (per video)

The second critical number you need is your audience size per video, otherwise known as your average views-per-video. As a rule of thumb, look at your 5 most recent videos and calculate their average views-per-video. That number should be what you bring to the negotiating table with brands.

NOTE: This is different from your total subscriber count. Brands are only interested in how many people will watch the video that they sponsored. So although subscriber count is a shortcut number that identifies how popular your channel might be, it’s not always an accurate indication of how many people will actually watch your video.

How to use your numbers to find sponsors

These numbers won’t get you deals – only you can do that. Theses numbers will, however, get you deals much faster if you provide them during your very first correspondence with a brand.


To be clear, you MUST email brands directly. Until brands start contacting you about sponsorship deals, you’re the one who’ll need to make the first move. There’s two types of brands you can contact: those who are interested in sponsoring a YouTube video, and those who aren’t interested.


You need to email a lot of brands to make sure you’re reaching enough who are in the INTERESTED category, though it’s impossible to know until they respond. When you do reach brands in the INTERESTED category, it’s important you mention those 2 critical numbers. By including those numbers, the brand is able to immediately categorize YOU as one of two types of vloggers: qualified or disqualified for their sponsorship deal.


By helping the brand quickly qualify or disqualify you as a candidate for sponsorship videos, you get a “yes” or “no” answer much faster. When you uncover answers at a faster rate, your bound to uncover your first “yes” much faster.


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