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VLOG Your Way To The Top With These 5 Tips

Okay. It may be the clunkiest term that our social media generation has come up with, but that doesn’t make VLOGs any less important. In fact, there are people who are now genuine celebrities because they turned on their computer camera and talked to some strangers across the internet. Whether you’re posting them on a personal website or through a site like YouTube, VLOGs can be used for a variety of purposes. Some people choose to make use of them to build personal recognition of their skills or personality. Other people share information about a product or service. No matter what you like them for, check out these tips to give your videos the right impact.

Light It Up

You can do written blogs in the dark, but trying to film in the dark is not going to do you any favors. Part of running a successful blog for either business or personal use is letting people see your personality. That means facial expressions and reactions. You don’t necessarily have to spring for a professional lighting set up, but do your best to read through how to make sure you’re lighting your face and not the computer screen or the wall behind you. Try these low-budget tips if you’re just getting started.

Say What?

For the most part, the microphone that is built in to your computer (if it has a built in camera) should be good enough for a VLOG that is filmed from your desk chair. Eliminate the background noise and close the door to the room you’re using. If your VLOGs are going to include singing or instruments, then you might need to spring for an external microphone that you can balance correctly. These options from LifeHacker should do just about everything you need. They aren’t terribly expensive, and they’ll make sure that your followers can hear what you actually sound like.


Followers pick VLOGs that they like because they feel like they’re talking to a friend. Part of what ‘s GREAT about the internet is that it’s a mix of tons of different people who are all different in some way, and they can be exactly who they are when they post. You’ll have to accept that there are people in this world who aren’t going to like you, even if you only post silly or inane stuff. Internet personality conflicts are just as real as ones that happen face-to-face. Just because someone doesn’t like it, however, doesn’t mean that you should skip out on being you as long as you’re not being offensive or hateful.

Cut It Up

You don’t have to do 1,000 takes to get the video that you want. Making a VLOG is not about being perfect as much as it’s about being authentic. Don’t be scared to edit your video and take out the things that you don’t like. It will save you time from reshooting and let you relax so you’re less likely to make a mistake. You can buy video editing software or use options like iMovie. Otherwise, YouTube actually has capabilities on the website to help you edit and annotate video. It’s okay to chop it up a little as long as you find a good, cohesive way to put it back together. And you’ll definitely get better at it over time.

Take Your Face To The Internet

If you have something to say, there’s no reason that you can’t say it through a VLOG. It might take a little planning, and you might want to upgrade your equipment over time, but there is nothing wrong with using what you have to generate some viewership in the beginning. If you’re ready to upgrade your blog and add video, don’t hesitate to visit GrapevineLogic today.


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