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Upload Dates Are Now More Important Than Ever

upload datesIf you have been keeping up with our #CommunityTipTuesday blog posts, you know how important it is to follow your upload dates and post your sponsored content on time. Brands have goals and objectives for social media just like you do, and they rely on you to upload content within the parameters you’ve mutually agreed to.


In the past, if you missed your upload date, there weren’t a lot of repercussions (other than a brand being angry!). But we think deadlines are really important, and an agreement made through Grapevine between a brand and creator is one that should be honored and adhered to.


That’s why we have implemented a new feature that disables creators from applying to a campaign if they have an outstanding deliverable in their account (AKA you have a late video or Instagram post). We know it may take brands a couple days to respond after you submit your content for approval, so there is a 10 day grace period between your upload date and when the disabling of campaigns functionality activates. However, when the 10 day grace period is up, you will be able to browse campaigns on the platform but the button to apply to a campaign will be disabled and you will see the following alert:


upload dates


Luckily, fixing this is easy! Message the brand and submit your content if you’re still on the campaign. Once the overdue post is approved, you will automatically be enabled to apply to campaigns in the marketplace again.


upload datesAs a creator, this means you need to select accurate and attainable upload dates and post on time if you want to continue applying to campaigns. If you are still working on your content or you received products late, talk to the brand and see if they can extend the upload date.


We know things come up, so hitting your deadline every time may not be possible. Maybe you ended up not liking a product and want to drop out of a campaign. Or maybe you had something come up that’s more important than your sponsorships right now. That’s fine – but please let the brand partner and Grapevine know. You can always reach us via the message bubble in the bottom right corner of your profile or via email.


It’s also important to understand your own limitations. If you are already behind on one or more of your postings, be mindful of the amount of new campaigns you are applying for. We’re all only human – and there are only 24 hours in the day!


upload datesSometimes it may feel as though you are stuck in a limbo – you have submitted your content to the brand for approval but have yet to hear back from them. If this is the case, notify Grapevine and we can help troubleshoot for you. As usual, communication is the key to successful sponsorships.


This new functionality isn’t meant to punish you. It is to help you stay on top of projects you have previously committed to and keep you moving in the right direction on Grapevine. We are all working towards getting the best sponsored content out there, and that can only happen if you get your work posted on time for the world to see!







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