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Two Ways to Get Paid Faster!

As a creator, you are constantly creating or brainstorming new content for your viewers and are kept busy with your sponsorships. In order to ensure you have the best sponsorship, we have put together two ways to get paid faster! As you may know, the Message Center is where your conversation with the brand takes place in a sponsorship. It can be a fantastic tool to make your sponsorship easier, as long as you’re using the features correctly. Increasing your awareness of these features and how to utilize them will equal a faster payment – which is something everybody loves!

First off, don’t hesitate to speak up and ask questions if something is taking longer than usual. We may say this a lot, but communication really is key! Obviously, brands can’t read your mind and they really appreciate it when creators speak up. Some brands are new to Grapevine and are still learning the ropes, so a little push from you guys can help get the ball rolling!

A common bottleneck we see is a scenario similar to this: A brand is chatting to you about a collaboration, and while they may have given the written approval, they forgot to actually click the “approve” button that confirms you into a campaign. While a written response like “Awesome! We’ll ship you products!” is a great sign, the approval button needs to be pressed by the brand to officially book you for a campaign.

Two Ways to Get Paid Faster

If a brand hasn’t officially booked you, hold off on filming until they hit that magic button! You’ll receive an email notification letting you know you’re on a campaign and your Message Center will look like this…

Before being accepted:                                              After being accepted:

Two Ways to Get Paid FasterTwo Ways to Get Paid Faster









If you have read over our previous #CommunityTipTuesday posts, then you know when you submit your unlisted video for approval, it is imperative that you’re submitting the video to our platform for review. Just as a refresher, you must go to “Add Your Video” on the right side of the Message Center and submit your unlisted link. Sometimes brands will give you written approval in the Message Center, but be sure the also confirm the video. If a brand doesn’t “confirm the video” on their end, then payment will be delayed for you. Pro tip: Grapevine will auto-approve videos after 10 days so be sure you remind the brand to confirm the video if they forget to!

Two Ways to Get Paid Faster

Happy collaborating! As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Two Ways to Get Paid Faster


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