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#TuesdayShoesday Tuesday Shoesday

As you are aware, today is Tuesday… but did you know its #TuesdayShoesDay? Of course you did. Being obsessed with social media as all of us are, today is the official show off your shoe game. Naturally, we bring it… #killinitattheoffice


Living in a culture where one’s social media game is king, the daily hashtags that everyday of the week is famous for (#tbt, #mcm) can arguably be called part of our culture. We’ve all been there in the wee hours of the morning when we really should be sleeping but instead, we justify it with telling ourselves the tripple shot no-foam non-fat latte in the morning will solve everything. We still find ourselves glued to our phones scrolling through Instagram. Or even better, hours spent on Youtube watching haul videos, left fully engulfed in a clothing envy craze by the end.

Youtube stars such as VAGABOND YOUTH and IAMKARENO have got serious game their shoe videos. If #TuesdayShoesDay is not apart of your life yet, don’t worry it will be! So post away! Embrace the takeover of your shoe envy! And if we’re the reason for your new obsession that you can’t live without… you’re welcome!


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