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#TuesdayShoesday: A Shoe Story About Boots

How bout’ that snow?!

Its officially #Snowmageddon and it is in full force! It is most definitely a boots kind of day. However, there are no shoes in all the land that could save us now and I know this from personal experience. This morning when I stepped out of my apartment the snow went past my knees! For a day like today, one needs more of a shoe bodysuit! However, no such magical shoe exists… yet. Before you get all upset, why not sit home where it’s warm, and admire other people’s shoes that won’t fail them in two plus feet of snow!

We love Casey’s haul video!

Yass, we love all these boots! #Bootheaven

And, Diana has some serious boot game!

So cozy! Can it be boot season all the time?

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