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Influencer Videos of the Week: 7/13/2018

Grapevine’s Influencer Marketing network boasts a truly massive community. With over 150,000 creators, there are so many opportunities for brands to find meaningful partnerships with some of the best influencers across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

Starting today, we’re going to start to highlight how great this community is by picking three of our favorite collaborations, every week!

Here are our three favorite videos this week:  

Channel: Jordan Cheyenne
Collaboration: Credit Sesame
Integration location: 8:00

Why we think it’s great:

The reason why successful influencers are successful is because they’ve managed to connect, on a deeply emotional level, with their audience. Because of the ubiquity of channels like YouTube, millennials and Gen Z are nearly always connected with some of their favorite influencers. In turn, a creator’s audience trusts them as much as they do their own friends.

What’s great about this Jordan Cheyenne video is how effortlessly she is able to connect with her viewers simply by just being open and transparent about her own reality. However, not only does she present challenges; she also presents solutions and words of empowerment.

According to some of our recent data on Influencer Marketing, influencers prioritize actually being a fan of the product they are promoting before including it in their videos. Cheyenne provides an honest accounting of her experience with Credit Sesame. And, because her fans expect her to only recommend things that could actually help, the brand gets some positive impressions as well!

Channel: The Zunigas
Collaboration: Native
Integration location: 4:30

Why we think it’s great:

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. And much like Google, people log on in order to solve a specific problem. Jose Zunigas (also of TeachingMensFashion) leveraged a simple title like “Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of Body Odor That You Didn’t Know!” to attract exactly the kind of viewer that is looking to solve that problem.

With subscriber counts of over 2M, Zunigas has built a trusted personal brand, a brand predicated on excellence. What’s good about the promotion of Native is that it’s earnest and authentic. On top of an earnest review, Zunigas also provides a generous coupon code (10%) to further entice his viewers to at the very least, try it out!

Channel: MakeupbyAmarie
Collaboration: COL-LAB
Integration location: 0:20

Why we think it’s great:

Makeups and cosmetics brands can never go wrong with influencer marketing — especially with influencers as charismatic as Ashley Marie!

What makes this video great is Marie’s relaxed, comedic style that doesn’t put any pressure on her viewers. Furthermore, even though the video is exclusively about products related to COL-LAB, Ashley Marie’s tips are accessible enough for anyone. What’s also great about this video too is that Marie gives a shout out to other creators involved in COL-LAB, increasing the brand’s reputation as something that can and should be trusted by her audience.  

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