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Top 50 Searched for YouTube Channels on Grapevine

We gathered over 15,000 YouTube channel searches made by YouTubers themselves and ranked the most popular channels.

Below are the top 50 most searched for YouTube channels ranging from Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Gaming, and Comedy.



1. Zoella

Zoella is taking over the beauty, fashion, lifestyle world. She won Best British Vlogger Teen Award. She has over 8 Million subscribers and she is a growing YouTube sensation.


2. PewDiePie

PewDiePieis the ultimate gaming YouTuber. He has 34 Millions subscribers and he kills the comedy category. He is growing beyond YouTube with a new book coming out in October. His channel covers all thing pop culture and daily life.


3. Bethany Mota

Behtany is a beauty, fashion, lifestyle vlogger. She has 8.8 Million subscribers. Her video are all very colorful, upbeat, and pretty. She was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars in September 2014. She also has a lot of videos feature her vocal skills. Her latest video has over 9k comments in less than 24 hours.


4. Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan has almost become a common household name. When it comes to beauty, fashion, lifestyle YouTubers Michelle Phan is on the top. Growing her channel to over 7 Million subscribers she has taken her career far beyond YouTube, She is now an active member and spokesperson of the beauty, fashion industry.


5. Smosh

Smosh is another YouTube leader. With 20 Million subscribers these two guys kill it comedy. They have countless skits on countless topics. There is a Smosh movie coming out in July on the channel. Smosh is trailing closely behind PewDiePie for the top spot on YouTube.


6. Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles is a comedy channel. She started 4 years ago and has grown to over 15 Million subscribers. Her channel is mostly her own standup comedy show. She talks about pop culture and current events while putting a sarcastic spin on it.


7. McJuggerNuggets

McJuggerNuggets is a comedy channel. The focus of his channel features his hilarious family doing outrageous things. They do daily life skits, animal skits, pretty much covers all comedy related video you could think of. His channel is over eight years old so he has a very loyal fan base.


8. MyLifeAsEva

With over 3 Million subscribers MyLifeAsEva is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle vlogger. She has a comedic and fun attitude toward her “life” and narrates often through song and dance. She is pretty much a Disney Channel character on YouTube. Extremely relatable to girls of all ages. Both a role model and a friend.


9. Rclbeauty101

Rclbeauty101is a Grapevine veteran. She has grown her channel to 2.7 Million subscribers. She is quickly becoming a leader in the beauty, fashion, lifestyle category. Her video range from DIYs, hair tutorials, get ready with me, and trendy tags.


10. RomanAtwoodVlogs

The Roman Atwood Vlog features Roman doing outrageous pranks and stunts with a fun group of people. Along with the pranks and comedy he features his life with his wife and son on the channel as well. He gives his viewers a real look into his private life, which helps to enjoy the funny moments all the more.


11. RositaApplebum

RositaApplebum is a Spanish beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogger. She fits the current Grapevine platform perfectly and she has been working with us for over a year. Her channel is beauty focused. She does a lot of makeup reviews and gives her audience tons of beauty tips and tricks.


12. Calfreezy

Calfreezy is a channel that features mainly two roommates and their video gaming challenges. They focus mainly on sports video games, such as FIFA. They also have videos about living together, pranking each other, and having a good time bro-ing out British style.

ItsMyRayeRaye13. ItsMyRayeRaye

ItsMyRayeRaye is a beauty and fashion channel. She does How-To’s, Get Ready With Me, Hauls, DIYs, and celebrity looks. She is also a perfect fit for Grapevine’s current platform. She has a super edgy look and a great sense of style.


14. TheSyndicateProject

TheSyndicateProject is a comedy and adventure channel. He travels all around the world having crazy adventures sharing it with his 8 Million subscribers.


15. VanossGaming

VanossGaming has over 12 millions subscribers and gets an average of 6 million views per video. The channel is a group of guys commentating while playing video games. They often speak as the characters in the game. Comedy for video gaming.


16. Alisha Marie

Alisha Marie has 1.7 Million subscribers. She is a beauty fashion and lifestyle vlogger. She in involved with Dance Showdown, a YouTube celebrity dance show. Similar to Dancing With The Stars but with all YouTube stars. Her videos are a range of Hauls, DIYs, and Daily Vlogs, which is her online video diary.


17. KSI

KSI is a YouTube channel mainly featuring music videos. He has over 9 Million subscribers. Aside from music his channel also features prank videos, video gaming, and Q&A videos.


18. Shaytards

Shaytards is channel about a family of six and their everyday life. They have over 3 Million subscribers and they post videos daily. They have their own reality show on their YouTube channel, sharing the moments of their lives with 3 million people. They are down to earth and extremely relatable.


19. NikkiPhillippi

NikkiPhillippi is beauty, fashion, lifestyle YouTuber. She is close of 1 million with 900k subscribers. She has a strong community of YouTubers around her and she gives her audience great beauty tips on everything everyday to the special occasion.


20. blndsundoll4mj

Trisha’s channel mainly features her favorites video, which includes lifestyle videos. She also has her original music videos on her channel. Many of her videos lean toward provocative subjects.

Meredith Foster

21. Meredith Foster

Meredith Foster is a current rising star on YouTube. She has over 3.4 Million subscribers. She is quickly becoming a leader in beauty and fashion, impressive for how young she is. She believes in encouraging her audience and giving confidence to her followers.


22. Carli Bybel

Carli Bybel is a beauty YouTuber. She focus on makeup and hair. She also does tag videos, hauls, get ready with me, and tutorials. She over 2 million subscribers.


23. Hairodynamic

Hairodynamic is a beauty, fashion, lifestyle YouTuber. Her channel consists of hauls, tutorials, lookbooks, outfit ideas, back to school, and DIY videos. She has a second channel that is with her twin, Shelby Church.


24. Jacksepticeye

Jacksepticeye is a video gaming channel. Aside from his video gaming he also as an animated series and sometimes gets in front of the camera to talk to his audience. He brings a lot of comedy in his videos and has fun with it. His channel has over 5 Million subscribers.

Jaclyn Hill

25. Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn is a professional makeup artist. Her channel showcases her skills as an artist and she give tips and tutorials on how to create both dramatic and everyday makeup looks. Along with teaching her audience how to do makeup, she also does reviews on makeup brands and products.


26. KathleenLights

KathleenLights is a beauty, fashion, lifestyle YouTuber. She has a second channel, Days of our Lights that is a video vlog of her life with 85k subscribers. KathleenLights has over 1 Million subscribers, she does reveiw on makeup and fashion, while giving her audience advice on the latest trends.


27. Krazyrayray

Krazyrayray is beauty and lifestyle YouTube. Her channel is an array of hauls, routines, back to school, and favorites videos. She has 1.7 Million subscribers and growing. Her videos focus more on her life as a teenage girl. Her topics are widespread, she has more of a vlog lifestyle theme to her channel, every girls best friend.  

Shelby Church

28. Shelby Church

Shelby Church is a lifestyle and fitness vlogger. Her channel is growing quickly. She focus her channel a lot on fitness and her workout routines. Shelby has three separate channels one with her Hauls, DIYs and fitness, one with her diary vlogging, and the third with her twin sister Monica.


29. Maddi Bragg

Maddi Bragg is beauty, fashion, lifestyle channel. She has 800k subscribers and her fans are very loyal. Her channel is about 4 years old and includes a lot of product reviews and fun tags. She is growing quickly and is definitely one to keep an eye on.


30. MakeupbyMandy24

MakeupbyMandy24 is a super trendy beauty and lifestyle channel. She is a young YouTuber but her channel has over 2 Million subscribers. She also has a second channel, Maaannndddyy that has 500k subscribers. Her second channel is more of a diary vlog compared to her first one where she does product reviews, tutorials, DIYs, and fashion trends.


31. Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen is a beauty, fashion, and health food channel. She has lots of how-to’s, DIYs, and fashion insight. She also puts her own spin on her channel by adding a bit of her quirky personality. She has interesting themes for her videos, she likes to explore people and the human nature, while also looking fabulous.


32. Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Guerriero is a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber. She has over 2 million subscribers. Her videos include tutorials, how-to’s and get ready with me videos. She does everything from hair to nails, makeup and beauty care.

Sierra Furtado

33. SierraMarieMakeup

SierraMarieMakeup is a fashion, makeup, advice, and DIY channel. She talks about life and narrates through YouTube. She is a young YouTuber with over 1 Million subscribers. She is growing fast and definitely one to watch.


34. TheBajanCanadian

TheBajanCanadian is a video gaming comedy channel. The focus is on the Hunger Games animated video game. Over 4 million subscribers the Canadian highlights his humor while playing video games.


35. Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley is a vlogger turned superstar. His 7 Million subscribers have watched him go from behind the computer screen to all around Hollywood. His comedy and lifestyle channel has turned him into a teen pop sensation.


36. Gabriella

Gabriella is a beauty, lifestyle, and music channel. She shares her beauty secrets, tip, and tricks, as well as showing off her talented vocal skills. She also a second channel, Gabriella Lindley, which a vlog channel with 320k subscribers.


37. Vsauce3

Vsauce3 is a comedy channel with over 2 Million views. He has a wide range of skits and pranks. He combines science with comedy and explore different topics of science and superhero movie science.


38. W2S

W2S is a video gaming and comedy channel with over 4 Million subscribers. He has a mix of FIFA videos as well as “real life videos”.

Ivy Dear

39. Ivy Dear

Ivy Dear has Ivy league style. She shows it off in her beauty, fashion, and lifestyle vlog. The new mom has range of Hauls, Q&A, routines and hair videos.


40. Link Up TV

Link Up TV is the ultimate music channel. 194k subscriber enjoy creative youth inspired online talents focused in the music world.


41. SunKissAlba

SunKissAlba has a beauty and health channel. Her 561k love how she combines beauty with a healthy lifestyle. She tells her audience all about the healthiest and most natural products.


42. FrankIEonPCin1080p

FrankIEonPCin1080p has over 2 Million subscribers. He combines comedy and video gaming documenting the funny Moments, the Best Upcoming Games, Epic Laughs and Surviving in the Wild for his subscribers.


43. ZackScottGames

ZackScottGames is a video gaming channel. He focuses in Nintendo gaming but he cover a wide range. His 1 Million subscriber enjoy Splatoon, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Angry Birds, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, Dying Light, Evolve, Telltale Games, Nintendo, and Minecraft.


44. FabulousInMaking

FabulousInMaking is a rising beauty star. She has a perky personality and great advice for her 130k subscribers. She has video ranging from DIYs, Hair, Makeup, and Fitness.

Kaelyn Pannier

45. Kaelyn Pannier

Kaelyn Pannier is a lifestyle vlogger. Her video gives advice and walks her 100k subscirbers through her life a Kaelyn.


46. DollFaceBeautyx

DollFaceBeautyx has 211K subscribers. She keeps her audience interested with her wide rang of videos everything from lookbooks to monthly faves, how-to’s, get ready with me, tutorials, and hauls.

Sidney Kathryne

47. Sidney Kathryne

Sidney Kathryne has very edgy style. Her beauty and fashion blog caters to her 84k subscribers. She keeps it hip with her different videos. She has lookbooks, hauls, and product reviews.


48. Pose

Pose keeps it trendy with her high style and fun colors. She has 118k subscriber and they love her fashion vlogs. She talks everything fashion from hair to clothes and tells us all her favorites.

Nabela Noor

49. Nabela Noor

Nabela Noor is a Grapevine veteran. Her channel has grown to just under 100k. Her videos range from vlogs, to hauls, favorites, how-to’s, tutorials and DIYs. Her beauty and lifestyle channel is one to watch.


50. pbbunny97

pbbunny97 is a fashion and beauty channel with over 244k subscribers. She gives her audience advice on makeup, clothes, and the latest trends. Her video range from Hauls, routines, monthly favorites, and fitness.

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