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Tips to Increase Your YouTube Views

Everyone wants to increase views on their YouTube videos, right? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re not only creating content, but managing the little details of your channel as well. 

Have a solid title! Titles are important because they let your audience know exactly what they are going to watch. Having a catchy title is what leads a viewer to click on your video. Be sure your title is relevant to your content (ie, clickbait titles are a no-no with YouTube) but also grabs the attention of your views. Not sure what to title your video? Do a quick search in google with the keywords and see what combination of words are searched frequently. Example: “Summer Haul” doesn’t tell you too much about the video but, “Urban Outfitters Haul & Try-On” surely gives your audience more information.

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Thumbnails are an important part of getting the viewer to click on your video. Think of your thumbnail as a billboard! Your thumbnail is the visual title and should be just as eye catching and intriguing just as your written title. Clear, contrasting-colors, with a few bits of text tend to increase overall traffic. Similar with the title, avoid thumbnails that are unrelated to your content. You don’t want a negative backlash in your comments!

Description boxes. Wait, how is that supposed to help increase your views? You link your social media in your description box don’t you? Why not link some of your recent videos? A little, “Did you see last week’s video? Click here to watch:” will surely help increase views on some of your previous videos. Did you reference a previous video in your content? “I actually posted a similar DIY last year, check out the description if you want to see it!”, “Check out my Back to School playlist!” Remember, every little bit counts!

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Be consistent in your story, style, and messaging. Consistency is key in this game! If your audience knows what to expect from you than they’ll keep coming back for more. It’s important to not only attract a new subscribers but keep your returning subscribers clicking on your videos as well.

There you have it! Grapvine’s tips to increase your YouTube views. Remember, these things don’t happen overnight! Building an engaged and loyal audience takes time. For many creators, it can take months to gain momentum and increase the traffic on your videos. We encourage all of our creators to go the extra mile and take the extra step with the details we mentioned above. Months from now you’ll be happy you step the extra few minutes on creating an awesome thumbnail!


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