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Three Tips for Attracting Content Creators

Once you’ve decided to move forward with an influencer marketing campaign, the next step is finding the perfect creator for the job. For many brands this is the most challenging part of the process – with so many options, how do you possibly narrow down the search?


Attracting Content CreatorsFortunately for brands, writing a killer call for attracting content creators is one simple and extremely effective way to do this. A good proposal will outline your business objectives and set expectations for the campaign. The goal is to create a smooth selection process, as well as a working relationship once you’ve selected a creator to work with.  


From our experience with the hundreds of brands we’ve worked with here at Grapevine, these are some of the proven steps that help our brands write the best possible call for creators:


Think like a Creator

While there are thousands creators on the platform, there are also hundreds of brands vying for their time. Many creators will only work on a certain number of sponsored videos each month, so cover all of the details in your proposal, put your best foot forward, and remember there are opportunities to discuss logistics and negotiate contracts after you get the initial conversation going. In addition, on Grapevine, brands have seven days to approve a creator – that can feel like a century sitting and waiting, so remember that quick responses go a long way.


What our creators say…

  • “If you have any heavy duty specifications, you need to include them in your proposal. It’s unfair for a creator and a brand to agree on a price, then the creator realize that it’s actually going to be a lot more time and energy than the brand included in the proposal. Be upfront and respectful.”
  • “PLEASE sign off with your name. I hate when I’m talking to a brand back and forth but don’t even know the name of the actual person I’m working with.”

    “Quick replies are very appreciated. It makes the process so much easier to be NyhLWJzp_400x400-1able to get answers fast. It moves the creative process along as well.” –Saaammage

Be Realistic About Timing

Don’t limit your selection or set creators up to fail with deadlines that are too tight. Creating a thoughtful video with compelling content and good production value takes time. In fact, according to Grapevine’s ‘World of YouTube’ report, the fastest growing YouTube trendsetters and celebrities spend over eight hours creating and finalizing a single video post! Also take into consideration shipping time if you’re sending products to sample, as well as some time for the creator to test it out. The average campaign timeline is 2-3 weeks, so that’s a good metric to keep in mind. Rome wasn’t built in a day – and neither is a good promotional video.


What our creators say…

  • “Do appreciate us and give us constructive criticism when needed. . .We love to take time to make really good videos for our audience and for your product. Time isn’t a bad thing, it ensures we are doing a good quality job!”

travis-bryant-1“Being able to promptly respond to proposals, whether affirming or declining, would be a great help to brands and content creators. Most content creators like to plan videos in advance. If we are receiving a reply to do a sponsored video with only a 1 or 2 week notice, it makes the entire campaign stressful, which is never a good strategy for any future collaborations.” –TravisBryantNYC

Don’t Low-Ball

Perhaps one of the best ways to attract the right creators is being willing to pay a fair price and be upfront about it. Most creators typically know their worth and aren’t trying to overcharge, so meet them in the middle when it comes to compensation. If you’re unsure of what a fair price is, use tools on Grapevine, like CPV, read our creator reviews from other brands, or take a peek at our guide for pricing. If you are really stumped, don’t be afraid to reach out to the Grapevine team and ask! It’s important to understand what goes into creating a video and what fair market value is. For example, a fully dedicated video with a tight timeline is going to cost more than an integrated video with a flexible timeline. Take these factors into consideration when you make your ask.


What our creators say….

  • “If you’re being extremely involved in the video’s production as far as a ton of specifications, time consuming requests, editing requests, and specific talking points, the pricing needs to be higher. No creator wants to wait and hear about these specifications for the first time when they’re ready to film the video. They need to be well informed right off the bat!”

    Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 9.49.54 AM“Always include all expectations of the video BEFORE accepting the collaboration. Also, any tracking links or coupon codes are nice to have asap as well.” –Kayleena


Our creators give great feedback and we hope their advice helps you create a killer new campaign! If you implement these tips and feedback into your next call for creators, you’ll be able to streamline the proposal process and attract excellent talent to your brand’s next influencer marketing campaign in no time. We believe in you!

Don’t have a campaign live in the marketplace right now? No problem – you’re a pro now, get one going!





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