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TheFashionNMakeup: Grapevine Community Spotlight

Anna Nguyen just hit 10K subscribers on her channel TheFashionNMakeup. From KPop fandom to DIY, TheFashionNMakeup has something for everyone, and she’s definitely not afraid to keep trying new things. Getting 10k subscribers is a huge first milestone, and Anna has big plans for 2016.   

We asked Anna about what YouTube is like in the Czech Republic and what her are goals for 2016. Here’s what she had to say!

Meet TheFashionNMakeup

You just hit 10K subscribers, congrats! How does it feel?

Thank you so much! Honestly, it feels very surreal! When I first started I didn’t think I’d reach 100 subscribers, let alone 10,000! It’s such a large number and I’m so happy and grateful!

How many subscribers do you want to have at the end of 2016?

I’d love to double my number of subscribers. 20K sounds crazy and unreachable, but I’ll definitely put lots of work and energy into accomplishing that goal!

You live in the Czech Republic – how did you end up there?

Actually, I was born here! My parents came to the Czech Republic all the way from Vietnam to study 🙂

Is YouTube big in the Czech Republic?

There is a large number of big Youtubers here and we have many events similar to Vidcon or Playlist Live, but obviously it’s not as big as the British or American community.

Why did you start your channel? Was there something you happened that made you want to get started?

One of the earlier TheFashionNMakeup videos
One of the earlier TheFashionNMakeup videos

I wanted to share my passions, especially fashion, with other people and meet other creators who like similar things. I felt like no one truly understood me, so that led me to posting my first YouTube video.

You mentioned meeting a lot of friends (especially in the UK) via YouTube – will you share with us who they are? How did you become friends?

I have made lots of friends all around the world! It’s baffling to me that I have met so many awesome friends and they don’t even live in the same country or even crazier – continent! My great friends are Kiana (kianahearts), Anna Lai (stylesofanna), Drew (NextFashionDesigner), Janne (radiatefashion) and they’re the best and most creative friends I could ever wish for! The list goes on, but I’d sit here the whole day, if I had to name all of my internet friends haha!

You mentioned in our survey that it took you a while to figure things out on YouTube, especially thumbnails.  What are you doing now and how is it helping your videos?

Right now I’m focusing on improving my editing even more and I’d also love to invest in studio lights to make my video quality even better! I’m always looking for new and creative ways on how to make my channel and videos better.

You also mentioned your editing style has changed – how has it changed?

Cute and catchy editing has helped Anna increase her viewers and subscribers.

At the beginning my editing was so boring and sloppy! My videos had no dynamic, flare or just something special to them. At the moment I’m very happy with my editing style and my subscribers seem to appreciate and notice it too! My editing style is very quick and I always try to make it “dance” with the music. 

What other tactics do you use to get more subscribers/views on your channel?

Since fashion is one of my passions, I love filming lookbook and how I style videos and many people seem to enjoy them as much as I do. I’ve gained a lot of subscribers and views from these videos and I couldn’t be happier! I always film videos that I personally enjoy watching and am passionate about.

Same, girl.
Same, girl.

If you had to choose a spirit animal, what would it be, and why?

A pug. All I do is sleep, eat and play.

Our favorite TheFashionNMakeup videos:

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