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TheBethanyFae: Grapevine Community Spotlight

Bethany Fae is wowing the inner nerd in all of us with her video game and comic book-inspired transformation videos. Combine that with her wearable routines for super fair skin and redhead expertise, and you’ve got a channel to prepare you for both fantasy and reality! And we aren’t the only ones who think so – Bethany’s channel TheBethanyFae has over 13K subscribers, and she’s working to make sure that number keeps going up.

We asked Bethany about her inspiration for her videos and what makes her unique in the beauty space, and here’s what she had to say!

Meet TheBethanyFae

BethanyFaeWhat inspired you to start your channel?

I’ve always been into makeup and all kinds of artistry. The two passions kind of combined and I felt like YouTube was the perfect place to express that. I remember when Beauty vloggers were recreating music video looks back in 2011, and one day I saw AndreasChoice had recreated the alien looks from the Katy Perry’s “ET” music video. I thought to myself, “Woah that’s ART on your face! I wanna do that!”.

You have some serious makeup skills – are you self taught?

Yes! I’m in love with makeup and self expression so it’s been rewarding to learn as much about makeup as possible because it holds my interests so strongly. I’ve also done some freelance makeup artistry for weddings. So I like to continually keep learning!

How long do your looks typically take you?  What’s your typical routine?

One of Bethany’s “wearable” routines.

Well, my wearable looks are usually 25 minutes to an hour when I’m filming them. My crazier looks that involve paint can take up to 2 hours (or more) because I’m always stopping to tweak things and make changes to the direction of the look.

My typically routine for now is full coverage foundation (Kat Von D #42), warmish neutral eyeshadows that emphasize my blue eyes, and matte lip color. Lately I go with a dusty nude lip, other times I like a richer plum or purple shade.

If I’m going somewhere special, false lashes have become a must for me. I’m loving Ardell or Kiss ones because they’d so affordable and great quality for the price.

We love your hair – tell us your redhead secrets!

One of many videos dedicated to that gorgeous mane!
One of many videos dedicated to that gorgeous mane!

My is naturally copper, but I make it darker using Ion’s Demi-permanent hair color. That way my pale skin looks more striking in contrast. I also have really thick hair so I always ask my hair dresser to thin out the layers with a razor. My result is a lot more body and on a good day, I can wake up with minimal effort Victoria’s Secret Model hair. That or I’ll occasionally end up looking like a wild lion that needs to be brushed asap. It’s a lottery really.

What other YouTubers do you watch regularly?

I watch a mixture of beauty bloggers and gamers. My favorite beauty channels are Elsa Rhae, NikkieTutorials, RebeccaShoresMUA, FreshBlush, Glam&Gore, Jkissa, Alex Faction and many more I can’t think of. My go-to gaming channels are Game Grumps because they’re hilarious and PeanutButterGamer because he’s equally as obsessed with Zelda as I am.

A lot of your looks are inspired by Zelda – what is it about Zelda that inspires you most?

Zelda Bethany Fae
Bethany’s distinctive Zelda-inspired creations draw different kinds of viewers to her beauty channel.

Part of it is the escapism of it all. The settings and characters are so magical and charming. But it’s mostly that the main theme of Zelda is to have an adventure the courage to persevere no matter how bleak the circumstance in order to fight evil and defend the weak. As someone who struggles with fear and anxiety, there’s something very fulfilling about putting myself in Link’s shoes and imagining myself as the adventurous hero I typically don’t get to be in real life. For me, Zelda is about overcoming fear to do what’s right, and pushing forward even when the task at hand seems impossible.

What do you think makes your channel stand out from the rest?

This is hard for me to answer, because I think I still need to work on standing out. Though to answer now, I’d say probably my creativity and how I enjoy expressing and channeling interests that are sometimes rather atypical of the beauty community like comic books, gaming etc.

If we asked your subscribers, why would they say they subscribe to your channel?

Initially I think many would say it was hard to find someone with a matching skin tone or another redhead. However, I think most that stick around like my casual, yet informative demeanor. AKA I’m a goofball. Or at least that’s what I’m told!

What’s next? What are your plans for 2016?

I plan on stepping up my game as much as possible. I’ll be pushing the creative and review oriented sides of my channel. I want to make more colorful character tutorials from movies or comic books, and to work on my own avant garde creations. I also want to commit to reviewing more new products as they launch and making first impressions videos.

Our favorite TheBethanyFae videos:

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