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The Top Reasons YouTubers Do Brand Integrations

Brand integration, why is it becoming such a common thing? Well for starters, it is mutually beneficial for both parties involved. Lets take a moment and define brand integration. Brand integration is when a brand pays a Youtuber to promote their product or their brand. They are essentially buying the Youtuber’s audience, they want their name and product to reach the eyes and ears of the Youtuber’s viewers.

Why Youtube

The younger generation of rising consumers, the millenniums, are spending less time watching traditional television and more time on the computer, specifically Youtube. Brands recognize this fact so they are shifting their focus toward Youtube. This is a great time for Youtuber’s to really thrive and grow a successful Youtube channel.

What benefits do brand integrations provide a Youtuber

  1. It provides the Youtuber with a chance to make money through their channel
  2. A chance to create a strong lasting professional relationship with brands
  3. Engages viewers and provides them with knowledge of new products
  4. Gives a Youtube channel a professional reputation

Brand integration, if done correctly, is a way to make product placement enjoyable for the viewer. Remember when Tom Hanks became best friend with Wilson, a volleyball, on a deserted island. He not only gave human qualities to this inanimate object, but he repeatedly gives Wilson Sporting Goods advertising throughout a good portion of the movie.


We are surrounded by product placement in everything we watch, many times we just don’t realize it. When integrating a product or a brand into a Youtube video it is great to use a creative approach so the viewers don’t feel they are being annoyed with shameless product placement.

The world of television and advertising is changing, as the Youtube market grows brands are more and more eager to get in front of the eyes that are watching. Whether the brands are interested in product mentions, custom content, or sponsoring your videos (this content brought to you by Taco Bell) get ahead of curve and start reaching out to make those lasting relationships with brands.


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