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The Power of Sponsored Instagram Posts

Think back a few years to when Instagram was just starting out. Do you remember the grainy, over-filtered photos you would sporadically post? I’m willing to bet you have some funny #tbt posts and pictures of your lunch in the depths of your Insta. Well, lucky for you, Instagram has certainly come a long way since 2011 – and so has Grapevine.

As most of you know, Grapevine launched into Instagram and we wanted to share our tips and tricks on how Instagram can take your sponsorship opportunities to the next level. Keep on reading to hear our expert advice on sponsored Instagram posts!


sponsored instagram posts


  • Make it a combo! Have you browsed through our marketplace recently? If not, you definitely should – we have some amazing brands waiting for you. If you submit a proposal, be sure to include an Instagram post (if given the option). Creators that include Insta in addition to YouTube are more likely to be booked on a campaign.

  • Make it a double! Double the posts, double the fun. Did you know that sharing your content across several social platforms actually improves your engagement rates over time? Just think about YOUR favorite YouTubers. I bet you follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. The more you interact with your audience, the more engaged they become with your posts.

sponsored instagram posts

  • Make it count! As in, count your dollars! Do you know what to charge for an Instagram photo? We think it’s incredibly important to know your worth, which is why websites like Social Bluebook exist. Sync up your Instagram account and they’ll give you amazing insight to your data and cost per post.

sponsored instagram posts


Have you synced up your Instagram account in Grapevine? Be sure to go to your Channel in your Account Settings to add Instagram. We look forward to seeing your proposals!




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