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The Month in Influencer Marketing: March 2016

At Grapevine, we know the influencer marketing space moves fast, really fast. New online stars are born every day, and brands are getting on board and identifying new, innovative ways to leverage the power of creators faster than ever. With the term “influencer marketing” quickly becoming THE marketing buzz term of 2016,  it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on in this growing space. In fact, it’s almost overwhelming!


To help you keep up on the latest and greatest influencer marketing news, we’ll be summarizing some of the big trends and our observations of the influencer marketing space each month. This will include posts you may have missed from the Grapevine blog, articles we like from the web, and other big news we’re inspired by.


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March 2016 in a Nutshell:

Influencer marketing is catching on, big time – we’ve seen huge amounts of growth not only in the Grapevine network, but also in the amount of media coverage we’re seeing in marketing, tech and even mainstream media.


Top 10 lists are now infiltrated by social media stars, more and more marketing budgets are being allocated to working with creators, and even the government is starting to take notice of what’s happening in the influencer space, and putting regulations in place to protect consumers from evasive advertising.


Influencer marketing is slowly being built up – leaving behind it’s “Wild Wild West” roots. Are you ready for the ride?


From the Grapevine Blog:

2016 Influencer Marketing Budget Trends

Influencer BudgetsNeed more proof that influencer marketing is where it’s at? Check out our post on the marketing budget trends for 2016. Spoiler alert: this is a line item that’s going to keep growing, and that’s simply because it’s a strategy that works. Over 80% of the brands we surveyed plan to increase their budgets in 2016.


Three Ways to Track Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 4.07.31 PMPlatforms like Grapevine make it easier than ever to connect with creators and start influencer marketing campaigns. But the real tricky part is quantifying your results and using this data to grow and scale your campaign. We explain three different ways to track your influencer marketing campaigns, so you can make the best and most informed decisions on how to invest your dollars wisely and increase your ROI with every campaign.



How to Create a Winning Influencer Marketing Campaign on Grapevine

Complete CampaignIf you’re ready to invest in influencer marketing but don’t know where to start, check out this quick step-by-step breakdown on how to create a brand campaign for creators on the Grapevine platform. With tips and tricks to make your campaign a success, it’s never been simpler to get started with an influencer marketing campaign.



From the Web:

Time’s 30 Most Influential People on the Internet

laciegreenIn the second annual list curated by Time, online stars take centerstage, and YouTubers are no exception. From Laci Green to Lilly Singh, and of course, PewDiePie, content creators on YouTube are some of the most-viewed people on the Internet.


Our Takeaway: YouTube continues to only get bigger. As more and more viewership moves away from traditional media, and toward online options like YouTube, we’ll continue to see this number increase in the future. How many YouTube stars do you think will make the list next year?


Instagram is changing its feed, and that means good news for you

IGlogoYou’ve probably heard by now that Instagram is changing its reverse chronological feed in favor of an algorithmic one. According to Business Insider, the algorithm means that users will see posts they’d usually miss- including yours!


Our Takeaway: There’s never been a better time to get into influencer marketing, as more and more social media platforms opt towards algorithms that favor engagement over timing. How will your brand keep up with these changes? Perhaps with a little boost from a creator who loves your brand? We may have an idea or two for you… coming soon…



Brands: Top tips to implement a curated video strategy & use millennial content providers to connect

YTbizreportIn this 2-part interview, Grapevine CEO & Founder, Brendan Lattrell walks brands through the different ways to execute their YouTube strategy and explains how YouTube sponsored content differs from scripted content in traditional media, and why millennials are watching.


Our Takeaway: There are many reasons for getting into YouTube and even more available to build the right campaigns to fit your audience. You may not get it right from the start, but testing is key, and getting in now before everyone else does still sets you ahead of the pack.


Influencer Marketing is the Fastest Growing Online Acquisition Method

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.24.15 AMA recent study by Tomoson shows influencer marketing is beating out other online channels like paid and organic search, as well as email. The study also shows that marketers utilizing influencer marketing are seeing on average a return of $6.50 on every $1 spent, some even as high as $20:$1. These returns, for most, are on par with what they’re seeing from their email programs – a channel that has historically held the highest returns for digital marketing programs.


Our Takeaway: These metrics are reminiscent of the ones marketers saw in the early days of Facebook advertising. The channel is still fairly new, and there’s a huge amount of untapped potential. Get your spends in now, and get testing before the channel becomes inundated with laggards.

What it takes to become a YouTube star: time

Grapevine_YouTubeCreatorsSubGrowth-800It’s easy to write off YouTube stars as undeserving of the attention and money they earn, but have you ever considered how much time it takes to build a YouTube channel big enough to earn money? According to this interview with our Community Director, Kimberley Bond, it takes upwards of 5 years to build the kind of following we think of when hearing the term “YouTuber.”


Our Takeaway: It takes some serious legwork, persistence, time and a little luck to become a “star.” Remember this when working with influencers – they know what it takes and their sponsorship fees oftentimes are negligible in comparison to the personal investments they’re making.



Other Influencer Marketing Highlights

Creator Spotlight: GinsMakeup

This Canadian makeup guru has been at it since 2012, but recently her channel has experienced some serious growth. With almost 300K subscribers, Gina Shkeda’s channel has received over 7 Million views. In the past month alone , over 50% of her videos have over 100,000 views (that’s 8 out of 15 videos!) – totaling over 2M of those 7M views. Check out one of our favorite videos below:



Looking for an honest and uncompromising creator with a hyper-engaged audience? Gina’s your girl – get her before her videos cost more than your monthly influencer marketing budget!

Get ready for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is May 6, 2016! Leverage the power of the Grapevine Community this season to promote your products and build awareness. Did you know there are now over 8,000 YouTube creators approved to work with brand sponsors in the Grapevine Community? Here’s one of our favorite videos from 2015:



Let us know when you’re ready to start up your Mother’s Day campaigns – remember, the typical campaign lifecycle is somewhere between 2 – 3 weeks!


Have you seen our new look?

Grapevine Creator CardsOur goal is to make managing and scaling influencer marketing campaigns as easy as possible. That’s why we changed the way you can book, manage and measure creators with Grapevine Creator Cards.


Check out the new features here, or by logging into your account and viewing the proposals tab.


We’re constantly making updates to the Grapevine platform and have some big product releases coming up. Interested in being a beta tester? Give us your information here and we’ll be in touch!


New to the Grapevine Community: Anthony DelucV

Anthony is a Toronto-based, men’s lifestyle creator, that describes his channel as “where music meets streetwear”. Boasting over 90K subscribers and 5.5 Million channel views, Anthony’s video production is impeccable – so much that he’s partnered with and featured as one of Panasonic Canada’s Lumix Storytellers


We’re extremely excited to have Anthony as a member of the Grapevine Community and can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!




Now that you’re all caught up, convinced yet it’s time to get started with influencer marketing? Get started:



Have other influencer marketing news that should’ve made it to our list? Let us know in the comments below!




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