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The Month in Influencer Marketing: April 2016

We love keeping up on the influencer marketing space – let’s face it, it’s our job. But we know you may not have the time we have to dedicate to influencer marketing, which is why we’ve created the month in influencer marketing – a monthly report that outlines everything you need to know about the influencer marketing space from the past month.


April is an interesting month – beginning of Q2, rainy, gray, spring, but not really QUITE spring-y enough (at least here in New England). It’s proven to be equally as interesting in the world of influencer marketing. We’re noticing a lot more conversations centralized on influencer marketing happening, and some interesting concepts emerging. Have you paid enough attention over the past month to enter the conversation?

April 2016 in a Nutshell:

This month we’ve started to see 2 themes come to the forefront: the notion of micro-influencers and the increased usage and discussion of ad-blockers and how they’re impacting traditional advertising methods.


At Grapevine, we’ve always been proponents of the quality over quantity notion when it comes to influencer marketing. In fact, we recommend to many of our brand partners that investing their dollars in a number of medium-sized creators is far more worthwhile than investing in one with a large audience (there are of course, always exceptions to this rule). But for the most part, this has stayed relevant in the 3 years we’ve been working in the influencer marketing space.


We’ve seen an increased number of conversations forming around the idea of “micro-influencers” and how these content creators can bolster brands and products much more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional celebrities. Only time will tell if this continues as more and more brands explore the opportunities of influencer marketing.


Another concept we’ve seen discussed a lot is the usage of ad blockers, and how this technology is changing the name of the game when it comes to traditional digital advertising methods. Ad blocker downloads are up 41% in the past year alone, and this number is only increasing as consumers become less patient and apt to count down the seconds until they can skip a commercial.


Just as social media platforms have started to make the move into relevancy by throwing away chronological feeds, is it only a matter of time until brands throw away disruption advertising all together? Will influencer marketing be the key to success in a non-disrupted digital world? Only time will tell…


Here’s the news you need to know that happened in influencer marketing in the past month.

From the Grapevine Blog:

How to Sell your Boss on Influencer Marketing

How to sell your boss on influencer marketingYou: You’ve done your research and are ready to get started with influencer marketing. You know there’s a huge amount of opportunity in the channel, and a ton of options out there to help you manage, analyze and scale your campaigns.

Your Boss: A conservative old-school marketer who believes in proven channels that drive results. A bit of a laggard when it comes to testing new channels and needs some serious cold hard data to pry any discretionary budget from their tightly clenched fingers.


We’ve put together a cheat sheet with some of the best selling points we’ve seen to convince your boss that influencer marketing should be a part of your marketing budget.



Find Similar Creators: Product Update

Similar Creators
Finding creators can be tough, but what’s even harder is finding creators who are similar to those you’ve found success with. That’s why we built out a new feature, Similar Creators, that enables brands to identify creators who have the same demographics and similar performance metrics as those you’ve booked in the past.


Now you can scale your influencer marketing campaigns from a single video to multiple videos with a simple click of a button.



Affiliate or Sponsored Influencer Marketing: What’s Better for You?

Affiliate links, while somewhat prevalent in influencer marketing campaigns, give brands little control over the content that's created.

In marketing, there are so many options when it comes to working with partners and payment. None are right or wrong, but there are definite advantages and disadvantages to every partnership and payment method.


In this article, we’ll walk you through the pro’s and con’s for affiliate and sponsored influencer marketing so you can better understand the impacts each method has to creators and brands.



From the Web:

Why You Don’t Need Kylie Jenner as Your Next Brand Influencer

Kylie Jenner

It can cost upwards of $300,000 for a single post from Kylie Jenner on Instagram, who boasts 60M+ followers. However, brands need not expend their entire marketing budget on a single influencer in order to get the reach and engagement they’re looking for.


In fact, marketers can employ influencers for less than $1,000 a post and see huge results. With the average person checking social media accounts a whopping 17x per day, non-celebrity influencers are now generating results 10x more likely to drive in-store purchases than their celebrity peers.


Our Takeaway: Working with celebrities will always be sexy, but it may not be the best way to allocate your marketing budget. Explore the opportunities available to you by working with niche influencers who may not have the same reach as a Kylie Jenner, but can drive more engagement and ultimately, conversions from their dedicated audience. Don’t be constrained to working with the poster-child for your brand. Engage with out-of-the-box influencers and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.



Overcoming Ad Blocking with Influencer Marketing

brendanlattrell_282x282Usage of ad blockers has grown an astonishing 41% in the last 12 months alone due to traditional advertising’s ineffective targeting and disruptive nature. As this number continues to grow, how will your brand get your message and product in front of consumers? In this article featuring Grapevine Founder & CEO Brendan Lattrell, he speaks about the history of Television advertising and how digital advertising is following the same trajectory.


Our Takeaway: Influencer marketing overcomes ad blocking in the simplest of ways – there are no advanced algorithms and behavioral analysis required and it’s a lot more transparent to consumers. As more and more consumers reject traditional advertising, it will be increasingly important to find unique alternatives to get in front of your consumers. Influencer marketing is not only simple, it’s also effective.



3 Takeaways from the FTC’s First Deceptive Advertising Case Under New Native Ad Rules

Lord & Taylor is the oldest luxury department store in the United States

By now almost every marketer across the country has heard about Lord & Taylor’s foibles with the FTC. In late March, the FTC ruled Lord & Taylor’s infamous #DesignLab campaign violated 2 FTC guidelines: their new native advertising guide as well as their endorsement guidelines. With a more shrewd view on the influencer marketing space, marketers need to take note of these changes and ensure their campaigns abide by these new rules.


Our Takeaway: Regardless of what you think about the ruling, it’s an important case to note. As influencer marketing continues to grow, so will the scrutiny and we doubt this will be the only slap on the wrist in 2016. Luckily, we’ve tried to incorporate as many tools into the Grapevine platform as we can to protect our brand partners and ensure their content is compliant with the FTC guidelines. Play by the rules, don’t mislead your existing and potential customers, and do your best to police your sponsored content at all times.


5 Ways to Ace Influencer Marketing

Casual People Message Talking Communication Concept

Having trouble really reaching pro-level status with influencer marketing? This article walks brand marketers through 5 key tips to bring their influencer marketing skills to a new level thanks to some industry experts. Their thoughts in a nutshell: look for fit before numbers, trust the influencer, use meaningful metrics, create sustainable impact, be transparent.


Our Takeaway: Influencer marketing can be tough, even with platforms like Grapevine to help you in the process. Understanding what a successful creator looks like, and keeping this in mind as you forge a relationship is important. Don’t focus on vanity metrics, trust the creator to represent your brand the way you want and create lasting relationships to really push the influencer marketing envelope.


Other Influencer Marketing Highlights:

Creator Spotlight: MakeupbyAmarie

A Grapevine Community member since 2014, we’ve worked with Ashley Marie, aka MakeupbyAmarie, for years. Despite explosive growth in the past 2 years and recently hitting 500K subscribers, Ashley Marie has stayed true to her roots and her subscribers love her for it. With almost 18M views and over 67M minutes watched on her channel, there’s no stopping this beauty and makeup vlogger.



See our exclusive look into Ashley Marie’s tremendous growth on YouTube and learn more about this fixture in the Grapevine Community.



Welcome to the Community: Gabrielle Vlogs

This 18 year old’s vlog channel explores everything from heading to prom, to her beauty routine, to the adventures of being in high school and growing up. Her style is authentic, relaxed and relatable – which explains her rapidly growing 24K+ subscriber base and 51% video view percentage.



Welcome to the Community Gabrielle! Will you be the first brand to discover her on Grapevine?


Get Ready for Father’s Day 2016

Last month we talked about getting ready for Mother’s Day… hopefully you’ve got that squared away. Now it’s time to turn our attention to an even tougher holiday for consumers to wrap their head around: Father’s Day.


Father’s Day is on June 19 this year, and Dad’s (well men in general) are a historically difficult group to purchase for. There’s no one better than a creative content creator to promote your product and tell their audience why it’s the perfect gift for Dad’s special day.


Here’s one of our favorite members of the Grapevine Community, MsTiffanyMa, and her unique spin on the holiday from 2015.


Remember, it can take more than 3 weeks for a creator to upload sponsored content from start to finish, so get a Father’s Day campaign started on the Marketplace before it’s too late!




That’s all we’ve got – we know a lot happened in the last month, but hopefully you now have a better idea of what’s happening in the world of influencer marketing. If you’re on the fence about getting started in influencer marketing, there’s never been a better time to get started!


Have other influencer marketing news that should’ve made it to our list? Let us know in the comments below!


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