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The Grapevine Community Rewind: July 2016

YouTube and Instagram are among the top content sharing applications in our society today. More than 80 million posts are shared on Instagram a day, and over 300 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every MINUTE. That’s a crazy amount of content – now think about how much is posted every month?


Yes, that number is too high for us to calculate as well. Instead, we’ve created an easier way to keep up with the happenings on YouTube and Instagram. The Grapevine Community Rewind is the best way to catch up on what our Grapevine creators have been up to, as well as tips and tricks for creators to keep the quality content coming.


See what happened on YouTube and Instagram in July:


The Grapevine Lottery: July 2016 Winners

Every month, Grapevine selects up to three creators as winners for The Grapevine Lottery. The prize? Double your sponsorship fee! In order to qualify for next month, all you have to do is make sure you have posted your sponsored content on time. Congratulations to the following for creating quality content in the month of July:


Katie Louise


Leah Janae


Want to be entered in the lottery for the month of July? Check out the rules for The Grapevine Lottery here.


On The Blog:

Upload Dates Are Now More Important Than Ever

grapevine community

Have you ever missed your upload date? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. But in the past, there probably were not any repercussions (except for a brand partner being a little peeved).


Now, upload dates are more important than ever. This past month, Grapevine added a new feature that is activated if a creator fails to post sponsored content by their upload date. If a creator has an outstanding deliverable in their account, they will be unable to apply for any new campaigns until that deliverable has been posted.


However, we are aware that sometimes there are conflicts such as waiting for approval by the brand or delayed product shipment, so we have added a 10 day grace period before applying for campaigns is disabled. This feature was added to encourage creators to choose attainable upload dates and to stay on top of campaigns they have previously committed to. It is meant to help more than hurt!



Grapevine Community Impact

grapevine communityGrapevine achieved a huge milestone in the month of July. The community now consists of over 70,000 creators, reaching 500 million viewers on YouTube and 50 million followers on Instagram! The numbers keep climbing every day, all thanks to our creators and their loyal fans – great job Grapevine Community!


Do you have any friends that would be interested in Grapevine? Spread the word and get them signed up! As long as they have 1000 YouTube subscribers or 5000 Instagram followers (or both!), we’d love to have them on board!



Community Spotlights

Rebecca Brand

grapevine communityWe believe Rebecca has one of the most unique and entertaining channels on YouTube. She is known for her cooking videos, although she has recently tried to branch out into other genres as well. You may have even seen some of her Iron Cook videos, where she cooks things from hash browns to filet mignon, simply using an iron! We love her high energy personality because it keeps us coming back for more videos, even if we are not chefs ourselves. Try out one of her recipes on her channel, and maybe break out that iron the next time you’re trying to serve a nice steak dinner!




Ashley Elizabeth

grapevine communityLooking for some good girl talk on YouTube? Then you should check out some of Ashley Elizabeth’s videos! Her channel also offers great beauty tutorials, hauls and unboxings. Ashley originally started on YouTube by posting singing videos, but soon after switched the direction of her channel – but it has definitely paid off! She claims starting her YouTube channel has been “truly the greatest and most rewarding thing” she has ever done. We love to hear positive YouTube experiences like Ashley’s!




But First, Coffee

grapevine communityBut First, Coffee is a fantastic beauty and lifestyle channel – where life begins after a cup of coffee! We caught up with Kallie, the creator of But First, Coffee, to learn how she manages her channel throughout her busy life. As a newlywed and the mother of two furry dogs, she credits consistent planning in order to keep her life organized. Her week is usually mapped out so she can manage when she wants to film, when she wants to edit, and when she wants to have her personal time as well! Fun fact you may not have known about her? She was a tomboy as a child! Check out her channel to see what the beauty guru is up to now.




Marissa Ozuna

grapevine communityMarissa is one of the younger creators we caught up with for our Community Spotlights this past month, but that doesn’t make her any less awesome! She has a lifestyle YouTube channel and fantastic Instagram game. Without YouTube, Marissa says she wouldn’t have met some amazing new people or received the opportunity to attend a variety of events and parties. Can you guess the one place in the world she would want to travel? Click the button to find out!




Tips from the Grapevine Community

Key Strategies To Submitting A Winning Proposal

Getting a proposal approved by a brand can be difficult – in fact, only 5% of proposals get accepted. That’s why we encourage negotiation between creators and brands in order build the perfect proposal. In the future, try using the following strategies:

  • Flexibility: Being stubborn with your creative direction may cost you a great opportunity.
  • Negotiable rates: It is important that you do not set a hard limit for your rates. Remember, brands have budgets as well, and they are going to pick creators accordingly. Especially if you are just taking off with your channel, a lower rate may inspire a brand to branch out and add you to their campaign. Once you’ve completed multiple campaigns, it is more appropriate for you to be straightforward your rate.
  • Communication: This is the final and most important tip to creating a winning proposal. If you at least have a brand engaged in conversation with you, that’s a win in our book!



How To Communicate With Brands In The Message Center

Mastering how to communicate in the Message Center leads to successful collaborations with brands. We know it can be intimidating talking with a brand and negotiating a campaign, so we’ve provided three tips to make sure you communicate confidently.

  • Be transparent: Share the timeline of your workflow and what you hope the direction of the video will be.
  • Be up front: If you experience any issues with the campaign, the earlier you let the brand know, the better!
  • Ask questions: This will spark conversation and provide clarification on what your video should entail.

Brands love when you’re up front and communicate with them because it allows them to make better decisions as well. In the end, we want everyone to be able to build strong, working relationships that benefit both creators and brands.




Our Picks from the Grapevine Community

Dom Esposito: LG Gram 15 Review!








Community Highlights

Welcome to the Community: Leah Block

grapevine community

Any Bachelor fans out there? If so, you may recognize Leah’s name. After starring in Ben’s season of The Bachelor (and soon to be in Bachelor in Paradise 3!), we are happy to welcome Leah to the Grapevine community! Leah signed up with Grapevine with our latest Instagram only feature. We are excited to see what kind of sponsored content she creates on Instagram – any brand would be lucky to have her!


One Million Club

grapevine communityCan you believe it? Grapeviner Laura Lee reached ONE MILLION subscribers earlier this summer. And, crazy enough, she’s about to reach 1.5 million! That means Laura has gained almost 500,000 subscribers in under 3 months. At this rate, she could reach two million before the end of 2016! Congrats, Laura!


And The Nominees Are…

grapevine communityDid you catch the 2016 Teen Choice awards at the end of July? We had a few Grapeviners lucky enough to snag nominations! Congratulations to MyLifeAsEva (nominated for Choice YouTuber and Choice Webstar: Female) and Rclbeauty101 (nominated for Choice Webstar: Fashion/Beauty). Keep up the good work – you’re an inspiration to the Grapevine Community that hard work does pay off!




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