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ThatTeenLifexo: Grapevine Community Spotlight

Missy (who goes by her YouTube channel name ThatTeenLifexo) has over 35K subscribers and a super unique style. Her videos range from crafts and DIYs to makeup routines and outfit try-ons, but what makes her videos stand out is her exciting and colorful editing style. We got Missy’s insider tips for how she got started and how she’s cultivated her style in this week’s Grapevine Community Spotlight!

Meet ThatTeenLifexo

MissyHow do you balance making videos with school and other responsibilities?

It’s definitely a tough job balancing school, videos and my other plans. I know a lot of YouTubers use planners for organizing their days and for getting things done but that unfortunately isn’t me. I just like giving myself mini to do lists (sometimes written, sometimes mental) and try my best to see them through. I also keep a ratio on how I wish to focus my life at a particular time. Right now seeing as I’m not far from doing my final secondary school exam, my ratio of school:YouTube is 2:1.


You have over 35K subscribers, did you expect to have this big of a following?

Not at all! I’ve been making videos on my channel for just over 4 years and honestly it surprises every day to know that over 35,000 people have seen my channel and hit the “subscribe” button. I’m just regular ol’ me, it’s crazy clicking my channel and seeing that figure and having it change everyday, I’m honestly so grateful!


How did you decide to start your channel?

I don’t quite remember exactly the day I decided to make my channel but I do remember it was one summer when I was extremely bored. I’d found the beauty guru community and all the big YouTubers in it – Blair Fowler, Bethany Mota and even Meg DeAngelis and Hunter Chmilnitzky and really I was inspired by them. I had the equipment; the camera an editing software and creative ideas to share, so I went for it!


Your editing is pretty amazing. What are your top tips for editing programs and music? Where do you get your inspiration?

Thank you! Most YouTubers including myself use Final Cut Pro X; great editing software, just costs a lot! I don’t think you necessarily have to use FCPX to have outstandingly edited videos. I actually used Sony Vegas prior to using FCPX which I bought on eBay for a really inexpensive price. As of now, 90% of the videos you see on my channel are edited on SV and I’ve had people think that I edited them on FCP! It just shows that you don’t need high priced equipment to produce great content.thatteenlifexo

As for music, that’s a tricky subject for me. I’m one of those YouTubers who has it tough with YouTube and copyrighting so there are a load of songs I wish to use in my videos that go with the style of editing but unfortunately can’t use because of copyright. So for my videos I try finding artists on SoundCloud, using royalty free / apple music and also finding copyright free songs & channels on YouTube. Another thing I’d suggest is getting in touch with record labels, a lot of small artists have a contact email which you can ask for permission to use their music in your videos!

There’s no one specific place I get inspiration. Inspiration for me, comes from everywhere and everything. Sometimes it’s from TV programs and adverts, sometimes from social media (Insta and Tumblr), and other times magazines. I’m someone who likes to take notice of things around me and appreciate all forms of art so I take inspiration from it all to create my own content. Right now though, I’m really obsessing over throwbacks (i.e. the 90s style is a big fashion and also editing inspiration for me).


You don’t speak very often in your videos, is that a stylistic choice?

Yes and no. I did at one point put up videos of myself speaking to my viewers but after being on YouTube for 3 years, I noticed how picky I was when it came to the audio quality of my videos. I was (and still am I guess) not happy with the audio on my clips. I’d go to film and then edit and while editing I wasn’t enjoying myself as much as when I had no audio and was able to add music.

I guess you could say I’m a perfectionist when it comes to making my videos and although I’m never 100% happy with each video that I upload it’s ones with myself talking with (what I’d call) poor audio that I hate the most.

Missy videoIt has become some sort of a stylistic choice also. I much prefer editing content without sound that I can add sound to, I guess it’s a blank canvas for me to experiment with in editing.

With that being said I don’t plan on remaining with the style I currently am in. I’m working on getting audio equipment which will hopefully have me doing both speaking and non-speaking videos in a couple of months!

What would you say to someone thinking of starting a YouTube channel?

Go for it! If you really are passionate about whatever it is you wish to share with the community, why not? Just make sure you’re prepared for what is to come and also have patience when it comes to gaining an audience to share your ideas and style with!


What has maintaining a YouTube channel meant to you?

Having a YouTube channel for over 4 years has not been the easiest. I started YouTube as a hobby and it’s become some sort of job, which is crazy to believe. There have been times where I’ve wanted to delete my channel for numerous reasons, but nothing in life is ever perfect. I don’t regret starting my YouTube channel one bit! I’ve learned a lot from making my videos, including that everyone views things differently, everyone has their own opinions and aren’t going to see eye to eye with you, but that’s life! My channel has allowed me to express myself and my ideas, it’s a place I feel I can go to to share my creative thoughts and style, etc. I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing if i hadn’t decided to start making videos!

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