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Tent-pole: 3 Reasons Why It Will Increase Your Views

Have you seen the new Netflix original series? Did you hear the knew Taylor Swift album? Do you know what a fan did at the football game last week? Current events are a buzzing topic. It is news for cocktail parties and Twitter updates. So why are you not making Youtube videos about them?


What Is A Tent-pole

Tent-poling is using current events and trending topics to generate more attention toward your videos. Think about the last time you did a themed video. If it’s never then listen up, if it was last week great job! Check out the following for new and fun ideas.

Remember when Thrift Shop, by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, was on every radio station every day. MakeupByKimm took advantage of the trending song and took the thrift shop idea literally. She did a thrift shopping themed video.

Tips To Remember

  1. Identify a relevant tent-pole for your channel. Do not do a video about March Madness when you have a beauty channel, it may be more relevant for a fitness channel. A video about what you plan to do for your summer vacation when its january, and the snow has just begun to fall, might not be the best idea. Your audience will not be able to relate to a summer video when winter feels like it may never end. Keep it relevant and keep it trendy.
  2. Release dates are important to think about. Make sure that you do not release a spring break video in the middle of June. Spring break has come and gone and no one cares anymore. The ideal time to release a tent-pole video is a few days before to add to the pre-buzz of the topic. If you are doing a topic about a current event make sure you don’t wait too long after the event occurs, the interest may die down quickly.
  3. Common tent-pole topics
    • Holidays
    • Major Movies
    • Popular TV Shows
    • New Songs
    • Celebrities
    • Current Events
    • School Events
    • Popular Products
    • Phrases
    • Sporting Events
  4. If you are feeling a loss of inspiration it is always good to search trending topics on Google and Youtube. There you can see what people are talking about and your inspiration can begin to grow.

How To Promote Your Tent-Poles

A tent-pole is usually used to get noticed. By using a trending topic you have the ability to attract new eyes. Gaining a wider audience and getting noticed. An important way to ensure that you are reaching as many people as possible is to create strong metadata to go along with your video. Your title, description, and thumbnail should be appropriate for your topic. Another way to promote your tent-pole is to add it to a playlist on your channel. You want as many people to see and share your video as possible. So get creative and have fun with trending topics!



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