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#tbt: Viral Videos

I know it maybe be a distant memory, unfathomable in fact, that Youtube only started 9 years ago! I myself can barely remember a world without youtube. I vaguely remember videos that everyone was talking about, having no idea what this YouTube thing even was. To me, it just seemed like a new Myspace where people just posted videos. How they got so popular or how people even found them? I will never know. Does anyone remember some of the first videos that went viral, before going viral was even a thing? Yes, before smart phones even existed and video quality was so low it was looking through a frosted window? At the time you didn’t care, because you didn’t know any better. Yeah, our memories are a little fuzzy as well. The original viral videos.

Before you get a migraine and an eye twitch trying to dig into those memory banks of your younger years, we rounded up a few to make your life easier. Let the flashbacks begin!

Remember this one?

…yeah you do…

The overly attached girlfriend?

What about Charlie and his biting fingers habit?

Or casual catchy tune?

So, you’re welcome.



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