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TAGS: 5 Ways It Can Give Your Youtube Channel A Boost

Why should you do a tag? Tags can have a very positive impact on your Youtube channel. They can start trends, generate conversation, and they’re fun! There are tons of tags within the Grapevine community, where YouTubers can find sponsorships and collaboration partners for their channel. If you are interested in signing up for Grapevine, click here.

We want to show how creating a tag can start a trend. Our very own Kimberley Bond started her own tag, Beauty Things I Suck At, on her channel KimberleyxLynn. Kim created this tag back in 2013, but it didn’t become popular until recently. So if you want to get creative and think of your own fun tag don’t be defeated if it doesn’t catch on right away. Somethings take time to catch on.

Beauty Things I Suck At


Another great reason to do a Tag is to please your audience. Keep in mind your viewers are out here watching other Youtuber’s tags. Grapevine’s Nabela Noor did a Draw my life tag in response to requests from her fans!

Draw My Life

Boyfriend Tag


Tags can be great topics if you are considering a collaboration. See how Grapevine’s Hairodynamic and her twin sister Teenmakeuptips did a Twin Tag.

Twin Tag


Tag your friends and ask your audience to try your tag, like Grapevine’s FierceFelineChic does in her 3 minute makeup challenge.

3 Minute Makeup Challenge


Get closer to your audience and reveal some secrets like Grapevine’s Arika Sato does in her secret life of a Youtuber.

The Secret Life Of A Youtuber


Check out some of the top Youtubers and the tags that they do.

My Boyfriend Does My Makeup


25 Questions


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