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#MotivationalMonday: Start The Week Off Right

Motivational Monday! Start the week off right

Yes, the weekend is over, but never fear YouTube is here! A cup of coffee, or six, only goes so far. When it comes to the proper motivation needed to tackle any work week, creativity is key.

What motivates you? Is it music? New outfit ideas? Recipes?

Ah yes, the internet has come to save the day. It may be full of weird cat videos and dance montages, which we know you love, but there are plenty of videos that can actually be useful to you.

Bored with your lunch everyday? Need some food inspiration? No worries MyLifeAsEva has got you covered with her quick and easy snack ideas to you make your week more delicious!

Tired of the old decorations in your room? Has their once sparkly newness worn off? Before you throw them away or out a window check out these room decor videos! Maybe you can find new use for them!

Need a “do”? Alex Centomo has a super easy how-to tutorial for perfect curls! She includes products and a step by step that even your 6am sleepy-self could follow!

Yeah it is Chris Evans!

So go out there and have a great week, Grapeviners!! Tweet us @grapevinelogic for more #MotivationalMonday things to do! We’re full of ideas!


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