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Sponsorships: Quality vs. Quantity

Sponsorships: Quality vs. Quantity:

In the world of YouTube, it is important to always be mindful of the content you’re publishing on your channel. Many creators face the ongoing battle of remaining organic/authentic and taking on brand deals without over saturating your content with sponsored posts. It surely is a fine line to walk but finding that balance is what will create the magical sponsorship harmony on your channel. Your audience obviously loves when you review and demo new products for them, but they also want to see the IRL side of you as well. Creating quality videos that are all YOU is just as important as those sponsored posts. Making all of your content “sponsored” takes away your authenticity and may make you seem less trustworthy to your audience.

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One question we see frequently from our community is, how do I have enough content to keep my audience engaged without sacrificing awesome sponsorship opportunities? Firstly, it’s important to stick to your upload schedule. Upload schedules are key in developing an engaged community that will keep coming back to your channel for more content.

Now that you’ve figured out your posting schedule, the second step is to book out your potential sponsorship days. We recommend a 25/75 split. For every one sponsored video, try and post 3 non-sponsored video. If you post about 4 videos a month, 1 would be sponsored. If you’re more frequent with your posts and have 3-4 videos published per week, you can get away with about 1 sponsorship per week/10 days. Think of it this way… having your fav dessert every day over time loses its appeal, the same goes for sponsorships. You do not want to overbook and flood your audience with sponsored content. It can lead to your audience losing its interest in your channel, just like that favorite desert of yours.

Being sparing with your sponsored videos actually does work in your favor as a creator, it creates an “exclusivity” effect. The pickier you are with what you choose to accept as a sponsorship on your channel, the more valuable your content becomes. Supply and demand guys, supply and demand.


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