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Influencer Marketing Is Under Attack: Six Reasons It Still Works

It seems like every other day there’s a blog decrying influencer marketing. From lamentations of “influencer marketing doesn’t work!” to “there’s too much fraud!” there’s a lot of noise out there about how allegedly bad or toxic influencers are for brands. Frankly, they’re wrong. Here are six reasons why influencer marketing is here to stay

  1. More folks are consuming YouTube content than ever before

    YouTube attracts 1.8 billion logged in users every single month. This is a bigger number of users than even Gmail. What this means is that if you’re not investing in any sort of advertising on YouTube, then you’re missing out. Billions of fans flock to their favorite creators like Ninja or Dude Perfect. Why not try to get in front of them with an influencer marketing approach? A marketing strategy that doesn’t factor in social creators of any kind is missing out on a huge chunk of impressions – potentially viral impressions too. 

  2. More influencers, more variety

    With a vibrant community, resources, and increased accessibility to the technology, it’s easier than ever to become an influencer. Seriously, Youtube influencers are everywhere.

    Influencer Marketing - Creators by state
    More influencers means more opportunities to reach niche audiences. Think about it, Fortnite mega streamer, Ninja, built his follower-base operating from rural Illinois. Even the most basic devices have competent enough of video cameras to film something. There are some who might call this “saturation,” and sure, they may be right — but that’s only if you’re doing influencer the wrong way.

    More influencers means more of those micro-influencers who inspire increased engagement from their more niche fans. Using tools like Grapevine’s search with smart keyword searches should allow you to find the perfect creator for your influencer marketing campaigns.

  3. Influencers are thirsty for partnerships  

    influencer marketin sources of revenue 78% of influencers on the Grapevine network reported that they make the majority of their income from sponsored posts. Furthermore, 31% of those influencers reported that a primary reason they partner with brands is because they are legitimate fans of the product or service.

    However, 38% of influencers only publish 2-4 sponsored posts a month so as not to oversaturate their feed with sponsored content. Make sure to kick off your conversations with influencers several months before your campaign. At the very least, give creators at least 4 weeks notice.


  4. They know your audience better than you

    A big reason brands partner with influencers is to tap into their audiences. Creators on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube thrive and survive by engaging their audience. Even just a few low performing videos could drastically change their day-to-day. Therefore, the best creators spend as much time analyzing their audience as they do creating content for their fans.

    Partnering with an influencer allows brands to tap into that expertise. Their livelihood hinges on delighting their fans. You can trust in an influencer to give recommend the best content they feel will resonate with their audience. However, that doesn’t mean you have to take a total backseat when creating a campaign! If you proactively work with a creator to build a robust creative brief for influencer marketing, then all parties can be satisfied.


  5. New platforms, increased specialization

    Major platforms have seen the trend coming and are now adapting for the influencer economy. For example, music streaming giant, Spotify, has recently enabled independent artists to upload their music onto their service. With integrations to Instagram, this will absolutely lead to the further popularity of musician influencers.

    Additionally, Twitch is starting to move beyond gaming and micro-influencers are finding success on TikTok. Video is very much becoming the core of content in 2019 and many years beyond.

  6. Emerging ways to monetize content

    Influencer Marketing doesn’t merely stop at a simple branded video or Instagram post. Social media influencers are brands in their own rights. It’s important to build a collaborative, trusting long term relationship with the creators you work with because that, depending on how fruitful that collaboration is, can deepen the value of your dollar.

    You might be able to gain additional traffic through affiliate links, even building out commerce related content such as rewards programs or special loyalty-based promotions with your most collaborative influencers.

It’s not that influencer marketing isn’t working, it’s more that brands need to be more careful with their strategy. Influencer marketing takes work. It’s not something that you can just throw money into. Give Influencer Marketing some TLC! 

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