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Rebecca Brand: Grapevine Community Spotlight

If you haven’t stumbled across this channel yet- get ready! Rebecca Brand has managed to turn the concept of a simple cooking channel into a go to place to comedy entertainment, cooking tips, recipes, and of course an adventure series of two gals out on the town. She has been super busy these days with her diverse channel and a couple other major side projects, but were able to snag some time to chat with her recently- lucky us!


How did it feel to surpass 80,000 subscribers?
Surpassing 80,000 subs was great!  The population of the little town I grew up in, Santa Rosa, was 76,000 when I graduated high school. So that helped to grasp the number and think of what 80,000 people looked like. My little town of YouTube is a true community.

What inspired you to get into YouTube?
My inspiration to start a Youtube channel was my love for teaching children how to cook. I taught an after school cooking class to elementary aged children at many schools in Santa Barbara. These kids really came out of the class with a feeling of accomplishment. They were so proud to make an entire recipe to take home to their family, so I KNEW that kids could really make the recipes I was teaching. By teaching the kids at schools, I simplified recipes, and so that’s what I brought to my channel. Simple recipes are successful and I wanted my viewers to find that success cooking for themselves and their families.

How do you balance other responsibilities and running a YouTube channel?
It is hard to balance since I have other things I do that make more money than my Youtube channel. I work hard, and all the time. I’m writing this to you at 12:11 am, and it’s really the first chance I’ve had, so I must love to work. I also just finished a bunch of proposals for more products on Grapevine! So, I don’t know, maybe it’s addicting!   love Youtube because it’s a 24 hour business, so I can go play if something fun comes up, yet work later. YouTube isn’t boring! That keeps me passionate about my channel!


What do you think your subscribers would say if we asked them why they’re subscribed to you?
Since I started my channel, I’ve added comedy – that’s been super fun! I started comedy once I had a few TV shows, like James Corden, Right This Minute, and a number of others, contact me to be a guest! When they asked if I could cook at their studio, I said all I would need is an iron. I hung up the phone, made my first iron cook, which then went viral, and so did my next! Then Adult Swim called and contracted me, on the spot, while I was at a YouTube conference. So comedy was a good move!

How has your content changed since you started your YouTube channel?
I also branched into lifestyle. Doing something other than food is really fun! Also, doing more sponsorships became a way for YouTubers to earn a bit more money for their videos.

What would you say to someone thinking of starting a YouTube channel?
I would always encourage someone to follow their passion, especially if they are videographers willing to go in front of a camera. Creators need to PUBLISH their work as much as they can! YouTube, community TV, all over – that visibility has really helped me. YouTube changes all the time and it’s harder today to launch a channel than it was when I started only 4 years ago. Can you imaging that? Only 4 years and here I am with 80K subs and an Adult Swim contract — all from my Youtube channel!

Any big plans for this year? What are your channel goals?
My big plans this year are to produce more YouTube videos for different genres like beauty, high tech, home decorating and travel. Also, I want to think positive thoughts about being signed on a series of a solo show with Adult Swim!

Here are a couple our favorite classic Rebecca Brand videos!




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Rebecca Brand

How nice of you to write such a lovely article! I can’t believe it! I’ve shared on FB and Twitter. Thank you so much! Big hugs, Rebecca

Lorraine Hosgood

I saw your recipe for KFC in airfryer – amazing. I tried to take down the ingredients but could not get it all. Is it possible to actually get that recipe in a text format please. I do not have an airfryer so will have to try to adapt that as well but would love the ingredients please.

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