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Small YouTube Channels Earn Money with ReadyCart

In today’s YouTube Influencer Marketplace, it seems impossible to earn sponsorships for small Youtube channels.  Micro-influencers are left in the dust as brands are only willing to partner with creators that have already cultivated a larger following.

At Grapevine, we firmly believe that all creators, big and small, should be able to leverage their creativity and talent to monetize their content in authentic ways their audiences will love.

Across all of YouTube, There are billions of clicks on products showcased by creators that are left unmonetized.

ReadyCart's easy to use interface for Small Youtube Channels to earn cash
Small YouTube Channels earn cash with ReadyCart

Furthermore, most of those clicks are coming off highly engaging micro-influencers. What if there were a way to monetize for small YouTube channels could monetize their content and earn incremental revenue as they build their audiences? Enter ReadyCart.

The best part about ReadyCart? YouTube Influencers and Creators make an 8% commission from all products purchased via their tracking link. It’s a win-win-win for creators, for brands, and for their followers.

ReadyCart is free to use for all YouTube creators. All creators need to do is sync their account with platform and create carts. Creating a cart takes just a few minutes and works as follows:

Global Carts allow you to post the same cart to all of your videos (e.g. “My laptop recommendations for 2017”, or “My morning make-up routine”).

Custom Carts allow you to create carts for specific videos (“The gear I used to film this video”, or “The fashion accessories I used in this series!”).

You can only have a single Global Cart, but can create as many custom carts as you have videos. The more videos with carts, the more you can earn!

If you’re a creator looking for a more sustainable way to build your audience, then don’t hesitate!

Grapevine is the world's leading influencer marketing platform. Over 120,000 creators on YouTube and Instagram get sponsored every day.

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