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Questions to Ask Before Accepting A Sponsorship!

Questions to Ask Before Accepting A Sponsorship!

If you’re new to working with brands, knowing which questions to ask before accepting a sponsorship is key to starting a successful relationship with a brand. As you know, the Message Center is where conversations take place between you and the brand. It’s one of our favorite tools in Grapevine and our Community Team is here to give you some expert advice on questions to ask, along with important factors to keep in mind. Keep on reading to hear this week’s #CommunityTipTuesday. 

1) Video styles: Often times a brand is looking for a very particular theme or video style. It’s always important to reiterate and go over your creative to ensure you and the brand are on the same page. Questions to ask:

  • “I’m really excited you’re looking for me to film a haul! I just want to make sure it’s okay for me to include other clothing companies in the video? It’s going to be titled, “Spring Clothing Haul!”
  • “Typically with my Lookbooks, I record a voice-over. Is that okay with you?”
  • “I know you mentioned that this is an integrated video. I’ll be sure to include you first for 2-3 minutes but, the 2nd half of my video has another sponsorship. It’s a non-competing brand, is that ok?”

2) Read the Campaign Overview: is there anything that seems a bit out of the ordinary? Check over the talking points. Are you comfortable relaying the content to your audience? It’s better to go over all those little details now instead of after you’ve already filmed! It’s never fun to go back and edit a video because you may have missed a few details.

  • “The call-to-action has a specific promo code. Does this expire and should I let my audience know that info?”
  • “You included a lot of talking points with specs and your product. Did you want each point covered verbatim or can I just include a few relevant points?”

3) Dates and deadlines: arguably one of the most important points to keep in mind during a sponsorship is your deadline! Why are dates so important to brands? Many campaigns are tent-poled around a specific event or internal marketing campaign. Sometimes life happens and dates may need to be extended but, it’s super important to keep the brand looped in. Additionally, if your video is due on June 25th, send over your unlisted video a few days earlier for review. Giving yourself a few days of wiggle room is always smart. 

  • “Excited to post on June 25th! Since that’s a Saturday, I’ll send over my video by Wednesday afternoon so you can review before the weekend!”
  • “Totally happy to make the edits you requested however, I think that’s going to effect my update date. Could we push this to Monday? I can have everything completed by then!”

Moral of our #CommunityTuesdayTip – when in doubt, always ask the brand in the Message Center. It’s better to figure out all those little details earlier in the conversation, and not last minute!


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