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Quality vs Quantity: YouTube Life Hacks Lesson #6

When building your YouTube channel, it’s important to create a schedule that works for you. In Lesson #2 of our YouTube Life Hacks series, Serein Wu walks us through the importance of planning your content and having a calendar you can stick to.


But how do you know how frequently you should be posting to your channel? Is there a correlation between the quality of your video content, the quantity of videos you post and the number of subscribers your YouTube channel has? Matt Philie, aka Swashin discusses this age-old YouTube question in lesson #6 of YouTube Life Hacks.


Learn what combination is right for you when it comes to quality vs quantity, plus more from Matt, who also recently accomplished a huge YouTube milestone: 100,000 subscribers! Congrats Matt – tell us your secrets!


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How do you balance quality vs quantity on your channel? Tell us below, or even better, apply to be a part of YouTube Life Hacks and share your tips and tricks with the Grapevine Community!





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